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F-18 drove off: NATO aircraft approached Shoigu's side

The NATO F-18 fighter was approaching the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.F-18 drove off: NATO aircraft approached Shoigu's side

F-18 drove off NATO aircraft approached Shoigu's side

The NATO F-18 fighter was approaching the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over the Baltic to identify him, the alliance said. At the same time, the Russian Su-27 drove off a NATO aircraft. Recently, experts have noted increased activity of foreign fighters in the Kaliningrad region.

The NATO fighter McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet approached the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over the Baltic to identify him - this is how they commented on the incident in the military-political bloc during which the Russian Su-27 drove off the Alliance plane.

The need to determine whether the board belonged to NATO was explained by the fact that the plane of the head of the Russian military department allegedly flew too close to the airspace of the alliance. At the same time, immediately after the identification of the Russian aircraft, the NATO aircraft returned to the base, FAN reports.

Shoigu was in Kaliningrad on a working visit. During his trip, he, in particular, laid a stone for the construction of a branch of the Nakhimov School. Shoigu also visited one of the stages of the Marine Landing Competition of the Army International Games, which took place at the Khmelevka training ground, reports NSN.
The incident with the Shoigu plane occurred against the backdrop of increased activity of foreign fighters near the borders of Russia, including in the Kaliningrad region. For example, the day before the American radio reconnaissance RC-135U Combat Sent was spotted in the area.
The US Air Force plane initially conducted an observation flight over German territory and then flew over the Kaliningrad region.
Western scouts are trying to get data on Russia's new weapons,

analysts say. According to Alexei Leonov, Commercial Director of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, information is necessary for "future military operations."
“All information is collected as an integral element for future military operations against Russia, for the use of various weapons, high-precision weapons. And, of course, they are very interested in the negotiations that are being conducted, for example, with our warships in the Baltic and Black Seas, ”the expert said.
In June 2017, two NATO F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters of the Polish air force tried to approach the Shoigu plane over the Baltic, but the Russian Su-27 multi-role fighter drove it off.
Alliance planes wanted to escort the board of the Russian Minister of Defense when he flew to Kaliningrad. The Shoigu plane, in turn, was accompanied by an escort from Su-27 naval aviation fighters. When one of the NATO military aircraft approached the board of the head of the Ministry of Defense, the Russian Su-27 stood between them. The Russian fighter showed its armament to the F-16, after which the alliance plane stopped the pursuit.
In Kaliningrad, Shoigu held a field meeting of the board of the Russian military department, at which security issues in the western strategic direction were discussed.
At the same time, the Alliance also did not know who was on board - this was reported in the apparatus of the headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels. Two fighters, which were on duty as part of the NATO mission in the Baltic, received an alarm due to Russian planes flying near the borders of the Baltic countries.
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“NATO can confirm that three Russian aircraft, including two fighter jets, were tracked over the Baltic Sea.
Since the aircraft did not identify themselves or did not respond to air traffic control requests, NATO fighters were raised to identify them, according to standard procedures. NATO has no information about who was on board, ”the Alliance commented.
F-16 was at a safe distance from the Russian Tu-154, on board which was Shoigu, indicated in the Alliance. NATO emphasized that their fighter operated in accordance with the "standard scheme."
“When any unknown aircraft approaches the airspace of the alliance, NATO and the national air force fly up in the sky to track these flights,” the military association said.
The incident with the rapprochement of the Polish F-16 fighter and the plane of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu was filmed on video and shown on the Russian TV channels Russia 24 and Zvezda.
In particular, the video published by the Zvezda television channel shows how the Russian Su-27 drove the NATO fighter from the passenger side from the escort of the aircraft of the Russian Minister of Defense, shaking 

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