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Friendly match. Barcelona vs Arsenal: Barcelona takes Arsenal

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Friendly match. Barcelona vs Arsenal Barcelona takes Arsenal.“Barcelona” meets with the London “Arsenal” in a friendly match in the framework of the Hamper Cup

Friendly match. Barcelona vs Arsenal Barcelona takes Arsenal

“Barcelona” meets with the London “Arsenal” in a friendly match in the framework of the Hamper Cup - an annual pre-season tournament, which is held blue garnet. 

'90 +3
The match is over! Barcelona beat Arsenal and won the Joan Gamper Cup. In the first half, Arsenal played great, the British started having problems after the break. The Catalans squeezed the opponent in the penalty and forced to make mistakes. First, Maitland-Niles scored in his, then Suarez set the final score in the end of the meeting.
'90 +1
Three minutes to replay teams.
GOAL! Still, Barcelona wins. Suarez jumped out on the usual throwing Sergi Roberto and shot in a jump into the far corner. The steep goal, few people can score like that.
Suarez falls in the penalty Arsenal, but the referee does not respond to it!
They came to Torreyra, Mustafi and Nketia.
Jaka, Sokratis and Aubameyang are gone.
Gyuenduzi fouls in someone else's penalty, trying to return the ball to Arsenal.
Martinelli could score! Saka cool cut the ball into the center of the penalty, where Martinelli beat Obemeyang and shot from the summer near the pole!
Collado appeared on the field. It seems that we will not see Messi today in the game.
Griezmann replaced.
Aubameyang was close to closing the chamber of Saki.
Leno miraculously reacted to the blow of Suarez and the subsequent rebound from the defender.
Ceballos also got a yellow one.
Langle was awarded the "mustard plaster" for a dangerous tackle against Ceballos.
Suarez clocked Chambers in the penalty of "Arsenal" and cut the ball into the net gate from the outside!
Martinelli and Ceballos come out.
Willock and Ozil are gone.
Saka went out.
Mkhitaryan left the field.
Own Arsenal! Maitland-Niles decided to resurrect the intrigue in the match, making a strange pass back to Leno, who was in a completely different place. As a result, the ball rolled into an empty net.
Kolasinats struck just above the crossbar. There was a rebound, "Arsenal" will give the corner.
Vah cut down Mkhitaryan and received a warning.
Suarez, Vah and Gonzalez are out.
Dembele, Semedo and Alba replaced.
Guenduzi has knocked off the centre circle. The Catalans quickly cover, do not give to make extra gear.
Lucky Arsenal, defenders knocked the ball almost from the empty goal. Barça got down to business, branded casts went.
Leno repelled Alene's powerful long-range shot!
The strikes of Griezmann and Dembele were blocked next to the goalkeeper Arsenal. Before this strange loss, Maitland Niles was noted.
Dembele ran to the penalty of “Arsenal” and struck near the pole.

The ball is still in Barcelona. Catalans do not want to share them, losing in the long run.

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Alena gave a wonderful pass against, but Jordi Alba did not have time for the ball.
Guenduzi and Kolashinac will play for Arsenal.
Nelson and Montreal did not come to the second part of the match.
Ter Steg, Todibo, Sergi Roberto, Busquets, Langle, Rafinha and Alena left.
Neto, Humtiti, Puig, de Jong, Pique, Perez and Rakitic were replaced by Barça.
Second half!
Break! Good football, given the friendly nature of the meeting. It is evident that “Barcelona” is not enough Messi. Griezmann has not played with partners yet. And Arsenal issued several quality segments and even scored a goal.
Perspective penalty “Arsenal” ended bad canopy Ozila.
Griezmann scored the first goal for Barcelona, ​​but the referee canceled it! It's all offside. Rakitic's penetrating pass was good.
Almost all the attacks of “Barcelona” go through the right flank, where Dembele is very active. Messi is still in stock.
GOAL! Awameyang steep goal! The Arsenal forward received the ball on the penalty, left Jordi Alba and fired at the near nine!
Another attack from Barcelona with short gears. Once again it was dangerous, but Londoners caught the ball.
Griezmann did not fit under the chamber Dembele, the ball hit the knee of the newcomer “Barca”, but flew past the alignment.
Jordi Alba deceived everyone by shifting to the centre of the penalty area and then struck Leno in the hands.

Neto intercepted the Maitland-Niles chamber. Arsenal seized the initiative.
Dangerously! First, Nelson broke into the penalty area, removed the opponent and shot through - his attempt was blocked. Then, Obameyang almost closed the filing of Maitland-Niles.
Leno confidently took Sayol's shot.
Mkhitaryan made a mistake with Paz on Nelson, spoiling the good attack of Arsenal.
Jordi Alba cut down Mkhitaryan by receiving a yellow card.
Willock blocks a blow to Dembele from outside the box!
Aubameyang broke up the attack but played too late for Ozil, who got offside.
Griezmann decided to strike from the edge of the penalty - the ball flew parallel to the goal line, there would be an out.
Aubameyang lost the fight to Piquet, and then Montreal violated the breakthrough Dembele.
The Catalans continue to attack through the central zone, where all the attackers easily overlap with the defense of Arsenal under the leadership of Sokratis.
"Barcelona" took the ball under control, the "gunners" had to close at his own penalty.
Semedo was shot down without letting the Portuguese play the combination with Dembele.
Jordi Alba prevented Mkhitaryan from shooting into the penalty area, and then Jaka was wrong with the diagonal.
Maitland-Niles did not have time for the transfer, firing the ball into touch. Now Barça is with the ball.
Yumtiti blocked a long-range strike from Obameyang. Another corner earned Londoners.
Active pressure of the Catalans led to a violation of the rules. Puig shoved Jaku.
The game has begun!
Greetings to all football fans! We are glad to offer you a text online broadcast of a friendly match: “Barcelona” - “Arsenal”. The beginning of the meeting is scheduled for 21:00 Moscow time.

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