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German media reported the critical status of the Bundeswehr

The German media write about the critical condition of the German army, as evidenced by the oversight of the federal agency German media reported the critical status of the Bundeswehr

German media reported the critical status of the Bundeswehr

The German media write about the critical condition of the German army, as evidenced by the oversight of the federal agency, which mistakenly distributed secret information to all participants in the tender for the supply of new helicopters, local media reported. During the week every day, there are reports of a significant deterioration in the state of the Bundeswehr.

The Federal Office for Arms, Information Technology and Operations (BAAINBw), which is responsible for equipping the Bundeswehr, accidentally revealed secret data during the acquisition of heavy helicopters worth 5.6 billion euros. Information by mistake was sent not to selected suppliers, but to all bidders. According to Die Welt, this was a testament to the critical condition of the German army.

The article indicates that the department in Koblenz is now in a nervous and tense atmosphere.

It has more than 10 thousand employees whose main task is to equip the German armed forces with effective and reliable equipment.
The author of the article, Thorsten Jungholt, called for decisive action in relation to this department, since “inexplicable errors” constantly arise during purchases in Koblenz.
He cited the example of a helicopter incident that had been planned to be replaced for ten years. The Bundeswehr is armed with 71 Sikorsky CH-53 helicopters. They were commissioned in the 1970s, so it is not surprising that only 16 were in working condition last year.
Now the Bundeswehr has disclosed state secrets, passing it to defense concerns around the world.
The editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, military expert, reserve colonel Viktor Murakhovsky said that the main problems of the army, which were identified by a special inspection, were recently discussed at the hearings in the Bundestag.
According to him, the level of combat readiness of equipment located on the equipment of the Bundeswehr was extremely low. This was especially true for new models of equipment. He also told the FAN about the situation with the new MH-90 helicopters, when only 20% of the equipment could fly into the air. The expert emphasized that such situations also arose with armoured vehicles and aircraft.
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The German military believes that such cases are associated not only with insufficient funding but also with personnel problems, Murakhovsky said.
“Technical specialists are not very keen on military service. I recall that the Bundeswehr is a contract army. Thus, there is generally a problem with the desire of youth to serve in the ranks of the Bundeswehr. The Bundeswehr is not competitive in the German labour market. The lack of interest in the Bundeswehr among young people is due to incomprehensible political goals. It seems that, despite all the propaganda, the Germans understand that no one is going to attack them, ”he emphasized.
The expert noted that the Bundeswehr is participating in joint NATO operations, for example, in Afghanistan. In addition, the level of salaries and social support offered by the Bundeswehr does not compete with other sectors of the German national economy, since it is possible to work with much less risk for the same money, the expert explained.
Recently, reports of the deplorable state of the German army have come particularly often. On the eve of the Bundeswehr said that as a precaution, the military decided to temporarily abandon the operation of Eurocopter Tiger combat helicopters due to a possible defect of the mounting bolts.
“Security is a priority for the Bundeswehr. For this reason, an order was received to suspend the use of Tiger combat helicopters, ”the press release said.
The German armed forces received information about a possible marriage from representatives of the military-industrial complex. It is anticipated that to resume operation, replacement parts will need to be replaced.
Spiegel magazine said that the German armed forces have 53 Eurocopter Tiger helicopters.
The day before, National Commissioner for Defense Hans-Peter Bartels criticized the German fleet. He was indignant at the fact that the country's Navy had never "been smaller than now." According to him, the fleet should consist of 15 frigates, and not eight, as at the moment.
On Monday, the newspaper Bild wrote that 42% of German Air Force pilots do not spend enough time in the air, violating the instructions of the North Atlantic Alliance. NATO recommends pilots practice 180 hours a year, while in Germany, only 58% - 512 out of 875 military personnel comply with the norm. The publication explained this phenomenon by a lack of aircraft.

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