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Illegal wiretapping: in the United States sue Apple due to Siri

The scandal associated with wiretapping commands for Siri's voice assistant did not go unnoticed by Apple. Illegal wiretapping: in the United States sue Apple due to Siri

Illegal wiretapping: in the United States sue Apple due to Siri

The scandal associated with wiretapping commands for Siri's voice assistant did not go unnoticed by Apple - even though the company announced the suspension of this practice, it was sued for violating the user's privacy without his consent.

On the company, Apple issued because of a scandal involving the wiretapping of voice commands that are intended for the personal assistant of Siri, reported by Bloomberg. The lawsuit was filed by a resident of California, San Jose, who claims that the Cupertinians violated a state law that prohibits recording conversations without the consent of the participants.

Also, the plaintiff accuses Apple of lying to the US Congress when it gave written testimony about its privacy policy. Then the company was asked if the iPhone can record owner’s conversations without first having a clear audio trigger. Apple replied that “Hi Siri” (Hey Siri) is required to turn on the microphone.
However, the lawsuit states that Siri becomes active “literally from anything,” including the sound of lightning or a wave of his hand.

The Guardian newspaper was the first to hear about the wiretap scandal, citing an Apple contractor who wanted to remain anonymous. As it turned out, the company specifically hired employees who listened to conversations between Apple device owners and Siri to improve the quality of the assistant's work.
At the same time, the company had at its disposal confidential medical information, data on drug transactions, as well as audio recordings, while the owners of the gadgets had sex.
As it turned out, even though this is not very detailed in the company's privacy policy, Apple did record conversations with Siri to help the assistant better understand user commands.
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Nevertheless, the Kupertinites did not exactly notify customers that live people, and not artificial intelligence would be engaged in wiretapping conversations.
Apple confirmed to the Guardian that this practice exists, adding that contractors handle only a small percentage of all conversations with Siri - less than 1% of all records.
Shortly after the press picked up this story, Apple announced the suspension of Siri's quality control program and also allowed users to choose whether to submit their notes for analysis or not. However, this did not save the company from legal action.
In July 2019, Google also admitted to wiretapping users' voice requests. It turned out that the company's moderators are listening to voice commands that users give to the Google Assistant smart assistant.
This fact was revealed as a result of the leak of about a thousand audio recordings stored by the "corporation of good."
After this story was covered in foreign media, a Google representative had to admit that the company really records and listens to users, but does it solely for their benefit - to improve voice assistant technology.
At the same time, Google processes in this way only 0.2% of all voice commands that users give, but this work is “critically important” for the development of Google Assistant. The data collected should help the voice assistant better understand people who speak different languages ​​and with different accents, the company said.
As for the data leak, Google promised to find and punish the culprit.
“We are conducting an investigation and a complete review of our security policy to prevent similar abuse in the future,” a Google spokesman said.
Also, at the beginning of this year, a dangerous vulnerability was found in the popular FaceTime application, with which iPhone owners can communicate with each other, allowing them to listen to their interlocutor even before he agreed to receive the call. Apple later released a patch that fixes this vulnerability.
On August 8, it became known that the Federal Antimonopoly Service(FAS) of Russia also filed a case against Apple, but in a different case, the agency is confident that the company is abusing its dominant position in the market for distributing applications for the iOS operating system. The basis for the investigation was the complaint of Kaspersky Lab.
The Apple case will be reviewed on September 13, 2019.

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