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In Russia, began to create a bomber PAK DA: What will replace the Tu-160

Russia has begun to create the PAK DA - a promising long-range aviation complex,  In Russia, began to create a bomber PAK DA: What will replace the Tu-160

In Russia, began to create a bomber PAK DA: What will replace the Tu-160

Russia has begun to create the PAK DA - a promising long-range aviation complex, which in the future should replace the Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 in service. What are the requirements for a strategic bomber, Gazeta.Ru understood?

The leading Russian company in the design and production of strategic bombers PJSC Tupolev and other enterprises of the United Aircraft Corporation have begun preparations for the creation of the PAK DA, said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, writes Interfax.
In February of this year, the appearance of a promising long-range aviation complex was finally determined, and all contract documents were signed to launch its production.
PAK DA should replace the Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 in service. According to official data, the new generation strategic bomber-missile bomber will be executed according to the flying wing aerodynamic scheme (without tail unit) and built using stealth technologies. It will be subsonic and will be able to carry more weapons than the Tu-160.

In 2009, Tupolev Design Bureau signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for research work under the code "Messenger", as a result of which a draft design of PAK DA was prepared. The development of a promising long-range aviation complex has been underway since 2013.
Earlier, the head of PJSC Tupolev Alexander Konyukhov reported that the rollout of the first prototype PAK DA is planned for 2021-2022.
Yuri Borisov, being the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation (now the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government ), said that the PAK DA could make its first flight in 2025-2026, and the start of mass production is planned for 2028-2029. He emphasized that the promising bomber being developed should carry as many weapons as possible, be invisible and use any airdromes.
“The conventional aviation weapons are being replaced by hypersonic aircraft weapons with greater range and accuracy. And a promising carrier aircraft at the turn of the years 2025-2030 does not have to have such characteristics as supersonic speed. It is necessary to stay on combat alert duty in the air for as long and quietly as possible, so as not to enter the affected area, to release your own means of destruction for the intended purposes. At the same time, we thus coordinated with the industry the organization of all the work that the preparation of production for the Tu-160 of a new look and for the PAK DA is carried out simultaneously. The maximum number of technological operations will be the same. Roughly speaking, the machines will be used the same for the production of Tu-160 and PAK DA. In fact, money is spent once on the preparation of production, ”
PAK DA will be equipped with hypersonic weapons and defensive weapons - air-to-air missiles, which will allow the aircraft to fly unaccompanied by fighters.
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The main purpose of PAK DA will be the delivery of promising low-visibility high-precision missile weapons to launch lines located several hundred or thousands of kilometres from well-protected enemy targets.
At the same time, maximum attention has been paid to increasing the stealth level of the new machine, for which detection by infrared and radar means of the enemy will require approaching at a distance of no more than 80-120 km.
“For this purpose, a wide range of composite materials and radar-absorbing coatings will be introduced into the design of a promising bomber airframe to reduce the effective reflective surface (the use of titanium is being considered), while a reduction in the infrared signature will be achieved through the use of non-boost turbojet dual-circuit engines with rectangular rectangular nozzles oriented in the upper hemisphere (from the side of the lower hemisphere of the carrier rocket, the nozzles are blocked by tail of elements, which significantly limits the range of detection "warm" engine jet stream by infrared surveillance-sighting systems placed on the enemy fighter and anti-aircraft missile systems) ", - he said" "Deputy DirectorCenter for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Konstantin Makienko .
The contract for the creation of an engine for a promising bomber was concluded between JSC United Engine Corporation (part of the Rostec State Corporation ) and Tupolev in June 2018. The co-executors of the project are such holding companies - such as PJSC UEC-Saturn and UEC-STAR JSC and others.
The tender documentation published by Kuznetsov PJSC provides for the development of a turbo starter, an automatic control and diagnostics system, a low-pressure compressor, a low-pressure turbine, a semiconductor spark plug, oil system filters, a fuel system, as well as encrypted design documentation and software to protect documents representing state a secret.
In total, it is planned to spend 10.1 billion rubles on development, with half of them (5.1 billion) going to create a low-pressure turbine.
According to the documentation for development work, a promising engine should be protected from the effects of a nuclear explosion and should work stably and with minimal power loss in the temperature range of ambient air from minus 60 ° C to 50 ° C. Engine life should be at least 8 thousand hours.
The overhaul life of a prospective power plant should be at least 600 hours, but the exact life of the engine and its individual components will be determined during state tests. The PAK DA fuel system should provide a stable fuel supply at near-zero and negative overloads up to -2.7 g. Engine life should be at least 12 years, but it should be possible to extend the life of up to 21 years.
The electronic engine system (primary and duplicate) should provide forecasting of the state of the product and its systems, including ensuring flight performance of 30 hours.
As previously reported, by March 2017, a full-size mock-up of PAK DA was created at Tupolev Design Bureau. In May 2017, the PAK DA digital model was completely ready. This was reported to the media by Sergey Korotkov, vice president of UAC innovations. Digitization of the aircraft will allow maintenance of the PAK DA at all stages of its life cycle, explained in the UAC.
In the summer of 2018, the corporation defended the PAK DA preliminary design and technical project, moving to a new stage of work - experimental design. The construction of the apparatus is carried out by the Kazan production association named after Gorbunov (a branch of PJSC Tupolev).
It is known that PAK DA will carry a wide range of weapons on board, including hypersonic missiles. The flight range will be about 12 thousand km, speed - about 1000 km / h, take-off weight will not exceed 110 tons.
The PAK DA navigation system, as previously reported, will not be tied to satellite signals, but will be guided by astronomical data. This will make the machine less vulnerable to electronic warfare.
In addition, as Viktor Bondarev, ex-commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, said, new missiles are being developed for the PAK DA, the radius of destruction of which will reach 7 thousand km. The missiles are planned to be equipped with computer systems capable of analyzing the air and radar situation.

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