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"Incredibly quiet": Russian submarines scared the military of Britain

"Incredibly quiet": Russian submarines scared the military of Britain. The British military should be wary of the Russian unobtrusive submarines of Project

"Incredibly quiet": Russian submarines scared the military of Britain

The British military should be wary of the Russian unobtrusive submarines of Project 636 Varshavyanka, according to the media in the United Kingdom. These "quiet" submarines can monitor the movements of the British fleet and allegedly connect to submarine cables. Therefore, according to sources in the British Navy, it is necessary to increase spending on the fleet and underwater defense.

Russian submarines of Project 636 Varshavyanka pose a potential threat to the Royal Navy of Great Britain. About this edition of The Daily Telegraph said sources in the British armed forces.

“New subtle Russian submarines with diesel-electric engines can quietly monitor fleet movements and connect to the communication cables,” the article says.

  • Therefore, according to sources, the government should increase funding for the Navy of Great Britain.

  • “The new head of the British Navy will have to provide the country with reliable underwater defense. We need to do what we are already doing at a higher level, ”said the source.

  • The article also notes that Russian stealth submarines are the result of “huge investments in the development of twenty years ago.” These warships are distinguished by an “incredibly quiet course.”

  • The new commander of the Royal Navy, Tony Radakin, said in turn that "the danger of interstate conflicts increases." He promised to strengthen the defense of Britain and to provide London with "greater freedom of nuclear manoeuvre deterrence."

  • Statements about the “Russian threat” are heard regularly from British military officials. In January 2018, the then head of the British defence ministry, Gavin Williamson, announced that Moscow was developing a plan to destroy the country's vital infrastructure.

  • “They will think like this:“ How can we hurt the UK very much? To damage its economy, to shred its infrastructure, to actually provoke thousands, thousands, thousands of deaths and try to create complete chaos in the country, ”he said.

  • Williamson stressed that Russia’s attention was primarily attracted by gas pipelines and energy cables connecting Foggy Albion with continental Europe. Now three million homes in Britain are supplied with energy from three gas pipelines from the continent and four power cables.

  • Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense and Security, Yuri Shvytkin, said that British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson “has no limits to fantasy.”

“Of course, this is being done to show that there is alleged aggression on the part of Russia since by doing so they are trying to justify their strategy, which will be offensive in nature,” Shvytkin stressed.

  • Russian submarines of the latest models are of concern not only to the British military but also to their American counterparts. In October 2018, the commander of the US Navy in Europe, James Foggo said that Russia has opportunities that make him "worry" and be "watchful."

  • According to him, one of the reasons for such concerns is the Russian submarine fleet. In addition, the American admiral believes that the capabilities of the Russian surface forces and naval aviation are not comparable with the capabilities of the United States. Russia's high competitiveness is precisely in the area of ​​the submarine fleet, Foggo believes.

  • The commander of the US naval forces in Europe noted that Russia continues to develop and conduct research in this area, regarding submarines as an asymmetric response to the United States. As a potential the threat to the United States, the admiral cited the example of the Russian submarine Dolgoruky. In addition, he noted the submarine "Severodvinsk", submarines of the project 636 "Varshavyanka", as well as new submarines of the class "Kilo"

NATO military "Varshavyanka" nicknamed "black hole" for its quiet and the ability to hide from enemy radar.

The submarine is made of steel and titanium, and the "acoustic" stealth is provided by a double hull, retractable steering wheels and shock absorbing platforms for engines. The speed of the screw when moving compared to its predecessors in "Varshavyanok" reduced, so the noise is reduced. In a motion on electric motors, this submarine becomes almost inaudible and can sneak close to the enemy.

The submarine’s armament is also impressive - there are several types of missiles and torpedoes aboard, including the famous Dagger hypersonic missiles capable of hitting a target at a distance of about 2,000 km.

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