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Iran recognized Israel’s coalition as “glaring threat”

A Glaring Threat. Iran is ready for defense in the Persian Gulf. Iran recognized Israel’s coalition as “glaring threat”

Iran recognized Israel’s coalition as “glaring threat”

Iran views Israel’s membership in the United States-sponsored military coalition in the Persian Gulf as a direct threat to its national security. “Gazeta.Ru” analyzed the emerging military-political situation in the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) will oppose the Israeli presence in the Persian Gulf in order to exercise its right to self-defence. Such a warning on Friday, August 9, was made by the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi, Fars news agency reports.

“The statement [of Israel] about the possible presence of the occupation regime in the self-proclaimed military coalition in the Persian Gulf is a glaring threat to Iran’s national security,” the Iranian foreign ministry said.

Tehran reserves the right to self-defense to counter the threat, and "warns Washington and Tel Aviv that all responsibility for the terrible consequences of this step rests with them."
Earlier, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said his country would join the US-led coalition "to protect trade routes in the Persian Gulf."

Following this, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Hossein Salami warned that any new war in the region would be a serious threat to Israel. According to him, the US has no desire to enter into a military confrontation with Iran, because they know that "a new war will become a large-scale threat to the existence of the Zionist regime." This information is given by the publication
The question of forming a naval coalition of Western countries to ensure the safety of merchant shipping in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz has been raised for a long time. The need for such a step after the capture and various kinds of incidents with tankers has been repeatedly stated by both the United States and European NATO member states.
For example, the first in Europe information about the need for patrolling in the Gulf was voiced by the United Kingdom. As previously reported by Gazeta.Ru, London called on European allies to create a new maritime alliance to protect commercial ships in the Strait of Hormuz.
As you know, a similar move by Britain was caused by the recent capture of an Iranian tanker under the British flag. The Gulf incident significantly exacerbated the crisis between the West and Tehran, however, according to the British military, London will not have the strength to independently ensure the safety of its shipping.
The United States, by the way, also announced its intention to create an international maritime alliance to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf. British Secretary of Defense Jeremy Hunt then said that an initiative led by Europe would only complement Washington’s plans.
This is done in order to alienate Britain and other European countries from the US strategy of "maximum pressure" on Iran. In other words, European NATO member states fear that too close cooperation with the United States in patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf could easily drag them into a war with Iran, given Washington’s unusually aggressive stance towards Tehran.

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“Until recently, despite statements about the formation of the united naval coalition of the West in the Persian Gulf, the situation in the region remained stable and tense. But the possible participation of the Israeli Navy in the creation of such groups of warships became for Tehran the intersection of the last red line by the Jewish state, "
According to the military leader, from this moment the threat of a large-scale armed conflict in the Gulf has increased sharply. Judging by its latest statements, the military-political leadership of Iran is extremely determined. Now the slightest spark can cause mutual exchange of blows.
At the same time, Iran is not afraid that Washington will unleash a war against the Islamic Republic - it will “in the most negative way” affect the United States and its allies in the region, said Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In addition, according to the military leader, Iran’s opponents are “exhausted” as a result of competition with Tehran and are in a tactical and strategic impasse. Experts believe that the IRI correctly assesses the situation - the Americans are not ready for an open confrontation with this country. These estimates are cited by RT.
As for the possibilities of blocking the Strait of Hormuz, Iran really has such opportunities, and this was recently reported by Gazeta.Ru. 
This can be done by blocking the strait zone by the forces of the Navy of the Islamic Republic (by the actions of both surface and submarine forces), using mine installations, deploying units and formations of the air forces and missile forces in the immediate vicinity of the strait, up to and including relocation to adjacent to the fairways of the island of artillery units.
In addition, Tehran may decide to flood large vessels on the fairways and thereby block the entry and exit of the Persian Gulf.
With such nature of actions by Tehran, Washington will immediately begin full-scale hostilities and, first of all, will try to release the most important strait zone for world oil trade and at the same time begin to launch airstrikes at targets throughout the Islamic Republic.
Further consequences of such steps are difficult to predict.
Not only the USA, Iran and Israel but also all countries of the Near and Middle East can be drawn into a large-scale armed conflict.
As previously noted by Gazeta.Ru, tensions between Iran and the West have remained since US President Donald Trump unilaterally announced in 2018 that Washington was withdrawing from the agreement with Iran on the nuclear program reached by the Six intermediaries (Russia, USA, UK, China, France, Germany) in 2015. In addition, Trump announced the restoration of all sanctions, which were terminated as a result of the deal.

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