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Largest hacker attack: under attack all iPhone

Information security experts reported an unprecedented hacker attack on iPhone users, which lasted for several years .Largest hacker attack: under attack all iPhone

Largest hacker attack: under attack all iPhone

Information security experts reported an unprecedented hacker attack on iPhone users, which lasted for several years. Attackers took advantage of a number of malicious sites that subsequently infected the Apple devices with the virus. It is reported that the number of affected users was estimated in thousands per week.

Google has uncovered a criminal scheme that the press has dubbed "the largest iPhone attack in history." It has been reported that hackers have infected users ’iPhones with malware for 2.5 years. Moreover, the number of victims of this attack was thousands of users per week.

Attackers took advantage of a small number of malicious sites, visiting which the user infected his gadget - this did not require additional actions, except for accessing the web resource.
As soon as a virus penetrated the device, all the secrets of its owner became available to hackers - geolocation updated every minute, passwords, correspondence in WhatsApp and Telegram, contact list, as well as letters in Gmail.

It is reported that the infected device, once rebooted, erased the virus from memory, remaining safe until the next visit to the malicious site. However, Google’s cybersecurity expert Ian Beer points out that the information obtained by hackers is so important that even once is enough for attackers to gain constant access to accounts on social networks and services used by the user.
In total, at least 14 vulnerabilities were discovered, as well as five attack schemes that hackers used.
According to Avast IS evangelist Luis Corrons, attackers exploited zero-day vulnerabilities, so any iPhone and the iPad user could be compromised simply by visiting the website.
“This is not about sites that are specially created for such attacks, but about normal, normal pages that have been hacked. The worst thing in this situation is that users will not be able to immediately understand that their device is now hacked since there are no external signs of an attack, ”Corrons explained.
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According to the expert, any iOS user, that is, hundreds of millions of people around the world could suffer from this attack.
“It is important to note that there are no official antivirus solutions for iOS - this is Apple’s policy. They claim that they "developed the iOS platform, laying the foundation of security," and therefore there is no need for additional anti-virus solutions. Of course, third-party antivirus programs for iOS still exist, and they offer some protection, for example, filtering malicious websites, but there is no official antivirus for iOS, ”said Luis Corrons.
Now such attacks have come to the world of mobile devices and the iOS platform, says Vasily Diaghilev, head of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS.
“Nowadays, a smartphone for any person is not just a phone, but already a full-fledged computer containing a huge amount of personal data. Previously, attacks were quite common for the Android platform due to the fact that this platform is more vulnerable to such attacks due to its architecture. However, here the attackers managed to find some shortcomings already for the iOS operating system, ”Diaghilev explained.
“The seriousness of this story was given by the fact that before iOS was considered more secure than Android, and Apple itself actively supported it. Now we see that the number of malicious programs for Apple devices is growing, this platform is attracting an increasing number of attackers: hackers spend huge resources on searching for zero-day vulnerabilities, ”the source of Website said.

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