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Liverpool vs Manchester City(4/8/19): Super Bowl of England.

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Liverpool vs Manchester City(4/8/19): Super Bowl of England. At the Wembley Stadium in London, there is a match for the English Super Cup, in which Liverpool and Manchester City meet

Liverpool vs Manchester City Super Bowl of England.

The match is over
At this "Gazeta.Ru" ends its broadcast. Thank you for being with us. See you at football.
The match is over
Manchester City takes the first trophy of the season. The “townspeople” played well in the first half, but the “reds” added in the second segment of the match, thus equalizing the score. And in the penalty shootout Bravo was good, bringing his team victory.
Penalty series
GOAL! Jesus scores a decisive penalty! 5: 4!
Penalty series
GOAL! Salah minced before the strike and with all his strength sent the ball into the corner! 4: 4.
Penalty series
GOAL! Alisson finally guessed the corner, but Zinchenko hit hard and accurately! 4: 3.
Penalty series
GOAL! Oxlade-Chamberlain sends the ball to the top nine! 3: 3.
Penalty series
GOAL! Foden calmly puts the ball in the corner! 3: 2.
Penalty series
GOAL! Guessing Bravo corner, but the blow from Lallana turned filigree! 2: 2.
Penalty series
GOAL! Bernardo Silva no chance of breaking through Alisson! 2: 1.
Serial penalty
NO GOAL! Drops Giorginho Veynalduma's center in Bravo! 1: 1.
Penalty series
GOAL! He wondered Alisson, but Gundogan put the ball in the opposite corner. 1: 1.
Penalty series
GOAL! He spread the ball in the corners of Bravo and the red midfielder. 1: 0.
Penalty series
Begin a series of penalties. The first will beat "Liverpool" - Shakiri by the ball.

Everything. 1: 1 - the main and added time ended in a draw. We are waiting for a series of penalties.
`90 + 3
KILE UOOOOOOLKER !!! Salah went one on one, made a snack through Bravo, the ball was almost at the gate already, but Walker carried the goalie out of the line.

`90 + 2
Eh, Sterling-Sterling ... Everything drags on itself. I went around the arc in the penalty area for the Reds, took myself to the blow, and there were two teammates in the far penalty area.
Four minutes offset the referee to the second half.
Another confusion in the penalty "City"! Bravo had to run out and jump at the feet of Salah. Egyptian throw the Chilean goalkeeper could not.
Salah almost from the penalty line struck, but the treacherous ball touched the player “City”, landing on the net of the goal in an unusual trajectory. Unpleasant episode for "citizens".
De Bruyne into the penalty area "Liverpool" sweep, but the defenders of the "red" knocked out.
AND AGAIN MOMENT! Lallana perfectly oriented in the opponent's penalty area and otpasoval on Keita, who struck right in the centre. Bravo on the spot.
Recall that in the Super Bowl of England there is no rule of three substitutions. Therefore, teams make more changes in the composition.
Triple replacement at Liverpool. Firmino replaces Sheridan Shakiri, Oxlade-Chamberlain goes instead of Origi, and Adam Lallana appears on the field instead of Henderson.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Van Dyck received the ball on the penalty corner after the standard, made a neat discount to the centre goalie, where Matip head easily ferried a projectile into the goal. 1: 1 - “red” compare score.

De Bruyne on the bend went into the penalty area “red” and beat into the far corner - Bravo again in place.
Again, the "red" became highly pressing, although positionally. But the attack of the “citizens” is kind of crazy today, so the game on the counterattacks is more profitable for the “City”.

Salah again flipped the ball into the bottom corner, but Bravo took the projectile quite casually.
Immediately double replacement from Klopp. Instead of Alexander-Arnold comes Joel Matip, and Fabinho replaces Nabi Keita.
Henderson cut an excellent transfer to Origi in the penalty area, he turned in one motion and wanted to hit, but lost the ball in a fight with an opponent.
Origi was slightly injured. Most likely, he will continue the game.
STERLING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?! This time, Rahim had an offside position, went one on one with Walker, he had two free mates next to him, but hesitated and didn’t do anything, giving the ball to Bravo.
The second substitution at the "City". Instead of Silva, Ilikai Gundogan appears on the field.
On replay, it is clear that the ball at the moment with Van Dyck did not completely cross the goal line. That's right - no goal.
And one more bar at Salah! From the penalty line, the ball rolled into the goal technically, but again the "townspeople" was rescued by luck.
GOAL?! After the corner one-touch van Dijk shipped the ball into the goal, but the projectile hit the crossbar and seemed to hit the line.
Sterling sent partners in the race on the flank but failed to catch up with Rahim transfer.
Zinchenko finally began to read the actions of Salah, knocked the ball to the corner, and after the filing of the standard handed down a projectile from his own penalty.
Bravo in his own style went ahead of the field and sent the ball out of the field. Master.
MOMENT! Sterling and Jesus were alone at the Liverpool goal, but Rahim made a round-throwing shot into the post. On the replay it is clear that both were offside, but the judge did not see it.
Very cool Salah once again beat Zinchenko, and in the second wave of the attack he punched Origi - thanks to the ricochet Bravo easily took the ball.
Wow! Sterling on the right flank beat Alexander-Arnold, shot at Silva, and he dangerously shot under the crossbar. A little higher happened.
Coming out for the second half! Go!

Everything. At the break go the team with the score 1: 0 in favour of Manchester City. "Citizens" play much better, and could score more than once. "Liverpool" unusually many mistakes and looks very boring in the attack. We will rest for a while and then return.
Three minutes add a judge to the first half.
But the "citizens" standards are more dangerous. Once again, Alisson played not the best way, dropping the ball from the hands after a corner. It cost.
Bernardo Silva fouls Origin near the corner flag. Nothing dangerous "red" come up with failed.
Silva returns to the field, and Guardiola yells at his players. Very unhappy mentor "citizens." The judge writes him a yellow card.
Very dangerous played Gomez! Hardly charged on the leg Silva in the junction. Can not rise until the Spaniard, and Guardiola frantically screaming at the judge.

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Alexander-Arnold gave the corner, but threw the ball through the penalty area and sent it out of the field. Nightmare.
While not holding the "red" mark of the Champions League winner. At the end of the half, there were very few dangerous moments.
Not so active, "Liverpool" pressure, giving Bravo quietly play the ball in his penalty kick.
And here is the first yellow card. De Bruyne rudely attacked the Reds, fouling Origin.
Firmino fell into the offside position. A rare moment in the match.
De Bruyne ran over the backs of the Liverpool players and was alone at the corner of the penalty area, but he was not shot through. In response, Salah once again found himself alone in front of the opponent's goal, and again hit higher.
Sterling final on his flank and did not go to the beating, deciding on a canopy - knocked out the players of Liverpool.
Alisson which is already wrong. Bottom knocked the ball straight into the legs of the player "City".
The pace of the game calmed down a bit, which from the first minutes the players asked. "City" plays almost without pressure, but this does not prevent the "citizens" from organizing the most dangerous moments.
Salah delicately played on his flank, beat three and made the transfer, but it worked out a little. Although beautiful.
After two defenders passed the transfer to Silva, the Spaniard sped up and skillfully punched, but Robertson managed to cover the midfielder "citizens."
It was very easy for the “citizens” to make their way to the opponent's goal once again and shot the gates of Alisson. The Brazilian was rescued this time.
Salah! He ran to save his homeland, beat Zinchenko, accelerated well and punched Bravo from an acute angle - Moe hit the post.
Replacement occurred in the "citizens". Sana'a on the eve of the transition to the “Bavaria” was injured and left the field. Gabriel Jesus is now playing instead.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! In the absence of Sana'a, the “Reds” lost their vigilance and made a gross mistake. Zinchenko made a discount on Silva in the penalty area, and he otpasoval Stirling - Rahim, getting rid of Henderson's custody, awkwardly ferried the ball into the goal. 1-0 - “City” ahead.
Alexander-Arnold once again missed Sana behind his back and hit the German on the leg. Help provide LeRoy.
Uhhh! The pressure of "Liverpool" was triggered, Origi and Firmino brought Salakh to the shock position, but the Egyptian, being alone against the goalkeeper, hit close to the pole.
Firmino gnawed his own ball in the opponent's penalty area, turned around well and punched under the crossbar - Bravo on the spot. Sana'a in the response attack went out into free space, but his chamber did not pass.
First moment! Gomez lost the ball in front of his own penalty, Sana'a received the pass and went one on one, but he hit the ball from an acute angle.
Liverpool started with a very high and active pressure. "Citizens" while coping.
The match has begun! Go!
The last time the teams met in January, and then the victory went to the team of Josep Guardiola. This defeat was the only one for Liverpool last season in the English Championship and did not allow the team to become a champion.
4:45 pm
The starting lineup of mankuniantsev! From the first minutes will be released a newcomer to the team Rhodri, bought in the summer from Atletico for € 80 million.

Recall that last season, "Man City" became the champion of England, and "Liverpool", gaining only one point less, remained second. Since the FA Cup also went to the “citizens”, in the final for the country’s Super Bowl they play exactly the “Reds” - as the second team of the championship.
The starting whistle will sound at 17.00 Moscow time.
4:30 pm
Good evening, dear football fans! Big English football is back today - Liverpool and Manchester City will meet in the match for the English Super Cup.

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