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Liverpool vs Norwich City August 2019 Liverpool accepts Norwich

The new season of the English Premier League (Premier League) opens the match Liverpool - Norwich City. “The Website” conducts a text online broadcast of the meeting. Liverpool vs Norwich City August 2019 Liverpool accepts Norwich

Liverpool vs Norwich City August 2019 Liverpool accepts Norwich

Match over
Liverpool wins big and on the case, but Norwich still left a good impression. That was the start of the season in the Premier League. Thank you for being with us until we meet again. The broadcast was led by Alexander Sedov.
'90 +3
That's all! The first match of the season in the Premier League is over!
'90 +2
Hadrian drags a hit from Hernandez! They finish off the blocking, then the ball hits Buendia, who twists and turns, and as a result, he catches the partner by surprise with a pass under the blow a little back to the centre.
'90 +1
Buendia almost wound everyone at the entrance to someone else's penalty area but forgot to breakthrough.
'90 +1
Two minutes were added to the second half.
Rare case: Salah fouls in the attack. The Egyptian is laughing. I do not agree with the decision of the arbitrator.
The game continues at a high pace. Jamal Lewis served in the penalty area of ​​“Liverpool” and earned a corner. Buendia, the author of an assist in Pukki, played with Leitner, then with another partner and eventually gave Hernandez an offside position.
James Milner is replacing Roberto Firmino. No one else has a replacement.
Surprisingly, three Liverpool players built a wall in front of a powerful fence of Norwich players. The gorgeous blow of Alexander-Arnold - drags Krul! Supersave.
Foul on Firmino performed by Hanley, who kicked the Brazilian in the centre with his hands and feet right in front of the penalty area. A very dangerous point.
And the last substitute for Norwich. The best player of the “canaries” Teemu Pukki leaves the field, giving way to Josip Drmich.
Manet stood on his left flank, despite a foul, and already in the penalty area, the Senegalese almost beat Aarons, who nevertheless managed to knock out a corner in a tackle.
But the free-kick earned Teemu Pukki. It is possible to break through from this point in the left half-flank. But more likely to serve.
Norwich does not give up and plays to the end. Hernandez, who entered the field, was able to find a chance for a shot from the penalty area but shot right into Adrian.
Manet immediately plays a free-kick at Firmino, but Godfrey knocked the ball away in a tackle.
Here is a replacement for Liverpool: Divok Origi left the field, Sadio Maneentered the game.
Fabinho and Salah, having played a combination, put Firmino on the line. The Brazilian turned to the goal and shot, but the defenders blocked, but the corner did not lead to anything.
Substitution at Norwich. Instead Tim Tribulla in the game Onel Hernandez.
Norwich is now happy to run forward. Liverpool looks upset.
Buendia's rough foul against Origi on the edge and Michael Oliver again takes out a yellow card.
Chic goal of Norwich! Passing into the penalty area between the defenders, Pukki, who avoided an offside position, famously took the ball with the first touch, and the second hit even cooler with the bottom directly into the far corner under the post. Adriana is even sorry. It’s not his fault, but a goal is a goal.
And here is Adrian in action! Leitner actively entered the game! Beat from the corner of the goalkeeper and hit the crosspiece! The Spanish goalkeeper didn’t even touch the ball.
Leitner begins the game with a foul and receives a yellow card for a failure to attack. This is the first yellow card in the English season.
Moritz Leitner is replacing the hapless Stiepermann.
Liverpool earned a free kick on the right. Henderson's pitch did not come out dangerous, but Robertson picked up the ball and picked up a little powerfully past the gate.
Fabinho pounds due to a free-kick. Krul beats off and immediately covers, ahead of Firmino.
Salah famously dealt with two rivals and hit into the far corner, but didn’t hit a little.
The whole game of Liverpool is now through the right-back. Alexander-Arnold dominates the rivals.
It really ends with a blow. The ball soars into the air, remaining in the field, but Tribull was in an offside position.
He is trying to attack the Norwich, but Adrian, after entering the field, is complete without work. Maybe the free-kick from the left flank will lead to something?
A-A-A-A-A-A! “Liverpool” miraculously does not score now! Origi broke through on the left flank and shot into the penalty area, from where the attacked Henderson powerfully struck into touch. Krul reacted and translated into the crossbar! But at that moment it was not over. The ball was picked up by Alexander-Arnold, easily cut the penalty into the front and gave to the far post, where Firmino and Origi were. The Brazilian tried to break from the summer, but the ball did not fly into the goal, he earned it and hit from a turn, but hit the post!
And finally, the second half started!
It is not clear why our pause is delayed.
Liverpool just destroys the rookie submarine, although playing Norwich in the first half is not so bad! What will happen in the second half?
'45 +9
And now the whistle for a break sounds.
'45 +8
Just now, the game has resumed. But with Aarons, everything is in order.
'45 +4
A pause in the game, between the legs, went to the ball Aarons. The defender did not immediately come to his senses.

'45 +1
Three minutes added to the first half.
Stiepermann nearly scores! True, if the German had not played with his head, Firmino would surely have transformed Salah's goal. And so - only the corner, which Liverpool did not play very well.
How simple it is! “Liverpool” in a positional attack gave the ball a little back to Alexander Arnold, who filed from the depths into the penalty area, and the incoming Origi poked his head into the net. Neprilichino easy!
Again the gaming lull. How long? So far, they have been playing for several minutes without a goal.

This is the first chance of the season! Forced. Another goalkeeper substitution: Adrian replaced Alisson. And so, already in the first match, the Spanish newcomer of the “Reds” will debut!
Alisson is being carried away on a stretcher! No matter how it was about a rupture of the ligament it was ... No, still the stretcher was not needed. He leaves, leaning on the coach’s shoulder.
Oh, Alisson’s leg went off when he brought the game into the goal kick ... Fell unsuccessfully. Will, there be a replacement or not, but Adrian is ready to join the game!
Oh, a pause in the game! Having taken the first number from this season, Alisson sits on the lawn and holds his foot! Will there really be a replacement?
By the way, Liverpool owns the ball only 52% of the time in this match so far.
Pukki jerked through the left half-flank into the penalty area of ​​Alisson, but could not beat van Dyck alone. Still would. But it is angular, and Tribulus dangerously struck his head from it - very close to the barbell.
An unexpected blow from Salah from a very sharp angle - Krul was ready.
A little respite for the Norwich. Before the next powerful pressure of the hosts?
Krul! Dragging Firmino's strike from ten meters!
Well, it seems like Norwich is playing pretty well, but it's already being smashed. Normal corner. Salah gave well, Fabinho put a competent block, and van Dyck struck poor Krul for the third time!
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Virgil van Dyck - 3: 0!

Already the sixth strike of “Norwich”, the third on target - gorgeous drag Alisson! Liverpool has two shots and only one on target. But two goals!
And here is a great rally performed by Norwich. Pukki jumped one on one, but Alisson fought off the "parachute", jumping out of the gate on time. Finishing did not happen, because the Finnish striker initially turned out to be in an offside position.
And Liverpool continues to destroy an opponent pushed into its own box. So, the score will be very large to the final ...

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The Merseysiders fan attack went from the right to the left, and Robertson completed the service. Again, somehow weakly. It is necessary to tighten the settings of the Scottish full-back.
Liverpool does not demand a ball now, and therefore Norwich owns it. True, in his half of the field.
Again Pukki at speed with the ball in the box. Either hit in the far corner or shot at the far post, where no one was. But Finn is very active!
Gradually comes to life "Norwich"! Now, at first, they came out of the defense under severe pressure, connecting the goalkeeper, and in the end, Pukki broke into the penalty area and tried to hit - they blocked.
Submission Divoka Origi in the penalty area could become dangerous, but could not. However, Grant Hanley so turned his head so that he redirected the ball into the net of his own goal.

GOOOAAAAAA! Own goal of “Norwich” - 1: 0!
Anfield sings phenomenally, of course.
Liverpool earned a free kick in a strange half of the field. Robertson rally and free-kick by Robertson, but too weak.
Stiepermann! Well, how so? Again, the interception of the Norwich, a quick attack, a pass from Pukka already in the penalty area under the attack to the running Shtippermann, and he, twisting a comfortable foot, again launches the shell into heaven!
Already under the complete control of the home team the ball. “Canaries” act timidly. However, at the same time, they do not let their opponents at their gates, not counting one episode ... But he became an assist.
Liverpool takes the ball, it was expected.
And here is the first hit in the match. It is applied by Norwich! Alisson made a careless pass from the bottom forward, it was intercepted by Pukki 24 meters from the goal, who then managed to beat Alexander-Arnold at the front and made a pass to Marko Stipermann under attack. He shot at the touch, but clearly above the gate.
Now Van Dyck in the penalty area plays his head after a second pace after a penalty kick. Discount to the center of the box, but the defenders endure.
In general, while “Norwich” feels quite comfortable, controls the ball and even goes into someone else's half of the field.
Norwich starts from the centre of the field but is immediately under terrible pressure in its half of the field. Origi provokes a mistake in a strange free kick, but then the Belgian has a slight misunderstanding with Salah, and the case ends with a goal kick.
Let's go! The match has begun! This, incidentally, is the first ever Premier League match with VAR!

10 p.m.
The meeting is serviced by a team of Michael Oliver. For Liverpool, this is the second official match, as the team managed to lose the Community Shield (or simply the Super Bowl of England) Manchester City on a penalty.
Norwich has a lot of strong newcomers in reserve, as the head coach decided to let those who earned a ticket to the Premier League prove their worth. Worthy. Let's see how it works.
A few important points on the composition. Liverpool has a Senegalese player Sadio Mane in reserve today, who returned to the club’s location later than anyone else because of his participation in the Africa Cup, where his team reached the finals. In this regard, Salah was lucky, as his Egypt flew to the 1/8 finals, and Mo had more time to prepare. In any case, the “Reds” have the most powerful squad, and Divok Origi was one of those who helped the team remove the Barcelona semifinal last year by creating a super comeback (4: 0) after the away (0: 3). Origi then designed a double, and here he is today at the start.
But in what combination will begin his first match after the return to the submarine “Norwich” Daniel Farke:
Krul - Aarons, Hanley, Godfrey, Lewis - Macklin, Tribull - Buendia, Stiepermann, Cantwell - Pukki.
Well, the lineups are already known, let's turn to them. This is who Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp put up from the first minutes: Alisson - Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, van Dyck, Robertson - Veinaldum, Fabinho, Henderson - Salah, Roberto Firmino, Origi.
The starting whistle will sound at 22.00 Moscow time.
9:30 p.m.
Welcome, all fans of English football in the first match of the season! Liverpool takes home Norwich City.

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