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Macron-Putin meeting and Independence Day: what telegram channels write about

The G7 Summit in France, the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron.Macron-Putin meeting and Independence Day: what telegram channels write about

Macron-Putin meeting and Independence Day what telegram channels write about

The G7 Summit in France, the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, Zelensky’s strange statement on Ukraine’s Independence Day - that interested telegram channels last week.

The week began with the visit of Vladimir Putin to France
The Steklomoy news agency noted that Emmanuel Macron, at a meeting with the Russian president, urged Moscow to “respect fundamental democratic principles,” but the French leader paradoxically rejected comparisons of Moscow riots with yellow vests in Paris because “they had the opportunity to present their candidates to the European Parliament. ”
“The French president, of course, is right: everyone knows about the dozen dead and thousands of injured (both police and protesters), about tens of thousands of rubber bullets and tear gas tanks, about video frames from Death Faces with massive injuries and bloodshot the streets.
How nevertheless prettier Paris under Emmanuel Macron!
Is it Moscow totalitarianism? Oh, those scary selfies from autoracks. These are ironic posters and obligatory quotes from Orwell’s 1984 on social networks. These philosophical conversations about the nature of power with the police in the cordon. These are powerful photo frames with defenceless children against the background of inhuman police. Oooh! Is it possible to compare this vile Asian with a democratic shooting of protesters in strict accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights?
However, it’s clear that all this is an exclamation into the void: the notorious arrow does not turn, and never did, either in the 19th century, in the 20th, now, ”the channel writes.
Speaking of Moscow protests, but rather about their participants.
On Saturday, a meeting was held on Academician Sakharov Avenue dedicated to the Day of the Russian flag. Those who rallied there more recently, the event caused a storm of emotions, writes the channel "Anti-Scrap".
“Disenfranchised cattle”, “collaborators”, “farce participants” and other epithets which “oppositionists” reward people who came to Sakharov Avenue, do not paint the opposition themselves in the first place. Disrespect for one’s own people is a hereditary trauma of many generations of domestic liberals.
Incidentally, the very pilots who saved the Ural Airlines plane — the undisputed heroes who have gigantic authority among the population — spoke at the rally. Insulting and humiliating the rally participants, you insult them as well. With such manners, your electoral prospects are roughly null, if not negative.
And so as not to get up twice: it’s not at all necessary to use vulgar tricks to underestimate the number of people who came to this pro-patriotic rally, ” Nikita Krichevsky said about the rally, the number of participants of which was about 100 thousand people.
Now about the impending Single Day of voting.
In relation to the elections to the Moscow City Duma, “Meister” talked about how the non-systemic opposition is once again buried by the struggle of the “leaders”, commenting on various instructions on September 8 that appeared in public space.
So, the channel writes, Mikhail Khodorkovsky in his latest statements, never mentioning Navalny or “smart voting”, actually criticized the opposition’s initiative to the smithereens. In addition, Khodorkovsky offered his instructions for behaviour on September 8, showing that he was the master of thoughts for protesters.

“We have already said that the very concept of“ smart voting ”is designed to strengthen Navalny’s leadership among non-systemic opposition. Show that he is the first guy in the village. However, the intraspecific struggle is the toughest, and many are ready to challenge this leadership.

It seemed that this would be Gudkov, but Khodorkovsky was the first to rush into the battle for the opposition crown. However, Gudkov Jr. still manages to enter this competition and draw up his alternative instruction on September 8, ”concludes Meister.

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On Saturday, Ukraine celebrated another Independence Day.
Of the diversity of what was said that day, the Doctor Prescribed channel drew attention to one of the passages in a speech by President Nezalezhnaya.
So, Vladimir Zelensky, justifying the antiquity of the Ukrainian state, cited as an example "the conquest of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Ivan Sirko Dunkirk by the Cossacks in the 17th century."
The story is quite muddy, states the channel. “In 1646, the troops besieging Dunkirk were either a detachment of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks or Poles (one of the commanders of which was Colonel de Siro - consonant with Sirko)
In any case, these were mercenaries, so citing this as an example of statehood is quite controversial. Although, if there is a shortage with examples ... ”, the channel took pity on Zelensky.
Meanwhile, in the Crimea on Sunday, the work of the Taurida-ART festival ended.
In this regard, Adequate drew attention to the words of the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko.
“When he says that the successful experience of Tauris needs to be replicated in all regions, with these words what? Yes, platforms that will help young people, at home, and not across half the country, will organize for interesting and useful. Yes, indirectly, they will also help to distract young people from the most diverse dope. But the main thing, in my opinion, is not even that.
The main thing is that wherever art festivals (and why, by the way, are some of the arts?) Able to take off, they have every chance of becoming one of the business cards of their region. Last but not least, tourist.
And if you manage to find the forms in which these festivals can be woven into the program for the development of domestic tourism, then that will be the most. The task is not simple in the sense that it requires great thoughtfulness and will not tolerate dope, but grateful, ”Adequate writes.
Also at the end of the week in the southeast of France was the G7 Summit.
The piquant news in the news about “Trump supported Macron’s proposal to invite Putin to the next G7 summit” is not even her primary source - the traditional CNN, citing its own sources, the Telegram channel “Pool No. 3” notes
“The owners of the next Seven in June 2020 are the United States, and the new venue, declared New York, is Trump Tower.
Putin, who arrives 4 months before the US presidential election in Trump's skyscraper, is such a diamond and a gift to all investigators of Russian intervention, which is just a fairy tale.
Well, like a cherry - what does it mean to invite? This year, Australia, Chile, India, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Rwanda and Senegal are invited to Biarits as partner countries. And a comma in this list, Russia will appear in a year from now? As in the old joke, a pro comes in, but does not participate? ”, Dmitry Smirnov argues.
Well, in conclusion, the news from the invisible fronts of cyberwar, to which the RIAN channel drew attention.
“Already in October, Facebook plans to launch its News Tab news feed. The New York Times writes that the social network will hire live people so that they select the “necessary” news for user feeds instead of an algorithm.
Rather, the algorithm, of course, will be, but it takes too much time and data to train it, so the hired journalists will highlight the most important events. A non-artificial intelligence staff will be a group of 10 people.
Let's open the “secret” for our subscribers - today a huge part of the “algorithms” that they are trying to sell us as advanced technology are actually living people sitting in offices.
In addition, the algorithm is unlikely to be able to form an agenda that is beneficial to Facebook policy. There is nowhere without people, ”the channel predicts.

That's all! Until next week.

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