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Neftchi vs Arsenal Fight for a place in the Europa League

Neftchi vs Arsenal Fight for a place in the Europa League. Arsenal is staying with Neftchi Tula "Arsenal" plays with Baku "Neftchi" in the second leg

Neftchi vs Arsenal Fight for a place in the Europa League

Tula "Arsenal" plays with Baku "Neftchi" in the second leg of the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League. The Russian club lost the home game (0: 1) and now needs a victory over the Azerbaijanis in order not to fly out of the tournament.

Neftchi vs Arsenal Fight for a place in the Europa League

Fight for a place in the Europa League: Arsenal is staying with Neftchi. LIVE

Forest defused on the approach to the penalty. It was a blow, but the ball barely reached the goalkeeper.
Kostadinov argues extremely ardently about something with the referee. He has a yellow card written by the judge for talking ...
Meanwhile, Tudoria changes Kostadinov. All ahead!
Mbodzh instead of Buludov came out from the Bakuites.
Arsenal went overboard - from the flank to the flank the ball passes, but it does not reach the blow.
Bulud gets injured - a pause in the game. Time is melting, very, very fast is melting ....
Kombarov leaves the field. The gang changes it.
Cyril Petrov warning: a player of the Azerbaijani team played with his hand and interrupted a dangerous transfer. Penalty earn tulaki.
Gorbatenko - the crossbar! No chance for the goalkeeper, but fortune by no means wants to smile at the team from Russia.
The second long-range strike Tkachev. Again by.
Čaušić wound up opponents in the penalty area “Neftchi”, but in the end he wasn’t given a break. From the gate will enter the ball owners.
Meanwhile, the reshuffle of Tula. Instead Makhmudov leaves Alaskarov.
Not ready to go into the bulk "gunners". Although time is running out: two goals for such a period of time will be scored oh, how difficult.
Well, marriage has become more in our meeting. Errors of errors are answered by the opposing teams.
Drops the captain of the "Neftchi" - he asks for a replacement.
The situation is the following: for the remaining 35 minutes, Arsenal must score twice. And do not miss. Do you have strength?
Arsenal played the corner. A good pitch fell exactly on the head of Kostadinov. Ball traitorously whistled over the gate.

Goool "Neftchi" took the lead. This is a nightmare start for Tula - a failure on the left flank of the defense led to a one-on-one exit and a goal. Aliyev has distinguished himself.

And now they could compare Tula's ! From such a position, the forward missed ... Horror.

The second half starts! “Gunners” rushed to the attack.

And that's it! 0: 0 Rest 15 minutes and then come back! There is a lot of interesting things ahead...

And, interestingly, the Azerbaijanis seized the advantage. Fortunately, only a few seconds remaining...
See out the team time! But how vividly the game is going on - “Neftchi” also slightly moved away from the start.
Well, the Azerbaijanis revived at the end of the first half of the meeting. The ball began to hold on to the more ... And it becomes increasingly scary for our club.
The ball "gunner" in the hand hit after lumbago into the penalty area! But the judge did not see or decided that she was in a natural position. The match continues despite the protests of "Neftchi".
A good free-kick to Belyaev. But the open space did not allow Tulak to punch his head precisely.
Dangerous free-kick performed by Neftchi: Stankovic hit the wall, and the guests immediately carried the ball.
Tkachev from a distance of 32 meters from afar! Wow, how beautiful! Here are just above the ball flew. Čaušić also beats - goalkeeper in the game.
Dario was aiming the far corner of the Levashov gate. It is extremely unpleasant! Well, the ball with the bar missed.
Half an hour behind. The wards of Igor Cherevchenko own the initiative, and on the threshold of the final 15 minutes of the half do not think to slow down. Now the attack is on the flanks.
The sufficiently protracted attack turned out at the "Gunners". Three throws into the penalty area, four hits - it’s amazing how the ball never reached the target.
And now Tula slipped in defense ... And only afoul of the 21st number was saved by Arsenal from a potential one-on-one exit.
Kostadinov on the lawn. Has got to the football player now, but the player rises.
Oh, how dangerous it was! The forward flew past the ball, and the goalkeeper of “Neftchi” played uncertainly at the exit - how lucky the owners are.
Very good "Arsenal"! Dictates the game Tula - push, guys, and do not slow down the pace. Total ownership advantage.
The bombing continues! Now Gorbatenko charges - shells do not fall into the target, but the courage of the city takes.
Lesovoy also shot! And also the ball near the bar goes.
Diagonal on Lesovoy, and Daniel delivers the first blow in the match - by.
But Chaušić is yellow! But the footballer in red and yellow was playing quite rudely - the foot was exactly at the level of the opponent's face.
Gorbatenko in the centre of the field hit hard on the opponent's leg. But pity referee midfielder guests.
Arsenal looks confident! The first number is played by the Russians, and if it goes on like this, Azerbaijanis may have problems.
The match has begun! The "Gunners" took possession of the sword at once and flee to the attack.
The home team is not very active: the second time they just knock the ball from their gates, apparently relying on defense. It is understandable - the account is very slippery. One goal of Tula’s football players can turn the tide of this confrontation radically.

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