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Polish Foreign Minister unveils plan to “contain” Russia by US troops

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovic said that the United States should increase the military contingent. Polish Foreign Minister unveils plan to “contain” Russia by US troops

Polish Foreign Minister unveils plan to “contain” Russia by US troops

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovic said that the United States should increase the military contingent on Polish territory to “contain Russia”. He accused Moscow of carrying out plans for an “aggressive policy” in Eastern Europe. Wolfgang Ischinger, head of the Munich Security Conference, emphasized that the transfer of American troops from Germany to Poland would be in violation of the Russia-NATO Founding Act.

American soldiers are much more needed in Poland than in Western Europe, their presence is necessary in order to restrain Russia, said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovic.

In this regard, the diplomat expressed the hope that during the visit of the head of the White House Donald Trump to Poland in two weeks, plans to transfer some Pentagon units from west to east of Europe will be specified.

“We must be prepared for situations in which Russia still wants to violate international law or pursue an aggressive policy. Russia will think twice about using military means if it sees the presence of international troops in Poland, especially the American military, ”said Chaputovich.
He also explained that Trump’s intention to reduce the US military contingent in Germany, having increased it from 4.5 to 5.5 thousand in Poland, is Washington’s decision, and Warsaw, “seriously concerned about its security”, will not dispute it.
“The USA has 35 thousand soldiers in Germany and 17 thousand civil servants in the army. In addition, there is a strategic infrastructure: a military hospital in Landstuhl, an airbase in Ramstein and an operations centre for Europe and Africa in the Stuttgart region, ”explained the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry.
At the same time, the head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, in an interview with the German tabloid Bild, emphasized that
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the transfer of American troops from Germany to Poland would be a violation of the Russia- NATO Founding Act,

reports FAN.
The fact that Poland needs to increase its military contingent at least twice, said three days earlier, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak on the air of "Polish Radio". He noted that at present the Polish army has 100 thousand soldiers, but this number must be brought up to at least 200 thousand.
He also said that six points will be created in Poland to house US troops. This is provided for in the agreement reached between the Republic and the USA on expanding the American military presence in Poland.
“It is important to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO, and therefore the eastern flank of our country, to deter a possible aggressor. A possible invader will understand that an attack on Poland will lead not to a local, but to a global conflict, ”the head of the Polish military department emphasized, without specifying who he means by“ aggressor from the east ”.
Regarding the idea of ​​Polish President Andrzej Duda to create a Fort Trump military base, it was rejected during top-level negotiations. The US military is going to place on existing facilities.
At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly noted that there are no threats from it with regard to Poland and the Baltic countries, the deployment of American missiles and military personnel near Russian borders leads to increased tension in the region. In addition, Russian authorities have warned that deploying US missiles and military personnel near Russian borders will require Moscow to respond to its security.
In addition, the increase in the number of US troops on Polish territory, according to the Russian side, contradicts the Russia-NATO Founding Act. This was announced at the end of April this year by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
“This reflects the United States' policy of scrapping all security arrangements that existed in the Euro-Atlantic region.”
In this case, we are talking about undermining one of the key provisions of the Founding Act between Russia and NATO, according to which substantial military forces in the territory of new NATO members are not deployed on an ongoing basis, ”the diplomat said.
At the same time, Washington is convinced that the new Polish-American agreement is consistent with this act, reports the NSN.
It is worth noting that earlier two NATO F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters, which belonged specifically to the Polish air force, tried to get closer to the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over the Baltic, but it was driven off by the Russian Su-27 multi-role fighter.
However, Russian President Vladimir Putin doubts that the military theatre of Europe is of great interest to the United States, although NATO is expanding its borders and increasing the contingent at the borders of Russia. The Russian leader said this in an interview with the Financial Times, which he gave on the eve of the G20 summit in Osaka.
He drew attention to the fact that the military infrastructure of the North Atlantic Alliance is moving towards the borders of Russia, while the Russian Federation does not bring its equipment closer to NATO borders. According to him, the military bloc is increasing the number of equipment and personnel near the Russian borders.

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