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Real Madrid vs Celta : With the help of Bale Real Madrid beat Celta.

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With the help of Bale Real Madrid beat Celta. Real Madrid, having lost Eden Azar due to an injury, in the first round match Example plays in Vigo against Celta. 

Real Madrid vs Celta : With the help of Bale Real Madrid beat Celta.

'90 +4
The match is over! “Real” successfully started in the championship of Spain, defeating “Celta” away. Benzema, Tony Kroos and Lucas Vasquez excelled. Especially important were the goals of the German and Spaniard, who were scored in the minority due to the removal of Modric.

'90 +4
Aspas jumped on Diop's penetrating pass, left Courtois under the left and didn’t really hit the ball! It turns out that the referee blew the whistle offside.

'90 +1
GOAL! Right after the dangerous lumbago Marcelo “Celta” played one goal in a return attack! Lozada got the ball on the edge of the penalty area and from under Ramos struck under the far post. Courtois did not reach.
Iker Lozada went out.
Fernandez is gone.
Ruben bailed out Celta from the fourth goal! Isko shot from the free-kick into the wall, and then shot from the selection, hitting the near corner of the goal!
"Celta" frantically trying to recoup, but nothing has been done so far. Even gain a foothold in someone else's free-kick.
Diop came out.
Peinado replaced.
Jovic came to the end.
Benzema is gone.
GOAL! Another goal of Real Madrid in the minority. The hosts lost the ball, Madrid immediately attacked with a pass from Benzema to the free edge of the penalty area, from where Lucas Vasquez shot into the far corner.
Kroos took the ball away from Denis Suarez, but the referee noticed a violation.
Sisto went out to revive the attack.
Support Tray replaced by Celta.
Isco came out.
Bale left the field.
Kostas received yellow for a dangerous tackle at the feet of Benzema.
“Celta” ran into a counterattack, Aspas got the ball in front of the penalty area and shot near the post!
Denis Suarez lost the ball on the edge of the penalty of Real Madrid and then marked a foul.
Aspas was not allowed to break through from afar, blocking his attempt.
Lucas Vazquez in the game.
Vinicius was replaced.
Vinicius did not aggravate and then did not run after casting Marcelo.
Audriosola held Denis Suarez and received for this "mustard plaster".
GOAL! Real Madrid scored in the minority! Kroos was allowed to penetrate without resistance, and the German sent the ball perfectly into the near nine. This is not taken.
The usual canopy of Odriosola led to a dangerous blow to Benzema with his head - Ruben reached out!

Vinicius lost the ball, beating two opponents. “Real” does not cling to its gates, moving forward with great strength. You can pay for it when you play in the minority.

Courtois saved! Araujo ran out on a dangerous supply from the flank and struck his head under the crossbar! Cool save Belgian.
Removal! The referee has reviewed the replay of the Modric violation episode and removed the best player of the year!
Modric put up his leg and knocked down Denis Suarez. Again everything worked out for the Croat.
Sergio Ramos struck his head too weak, Ruben reacted easily.
Yellow card to Fernandez for playing with his elbow.
Aspas ran into the penetrating pass, but did not beat Courtois in close combat!
Benzema did not hit the far corner from an excellent position!

Second half!
'45 +3
Break! Lucky “Real”. Zidane's team scored a quick goal and began to keep the score, which almost led to failure at the end of the half. Obviously, “Celta” after the break will go to recoup by all means. All the more interesting!

'45 +2
After a couple of minutes, the referee canceled the goal of “Celta” because of an offside position.

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'45 +1
Bale jumped out on a penetrating pass and shot out from under the defender into the far corner - Ruben pulled out!
Ruben coped with the long-range cannon Casemiro.
Audriosola fell on the lawn, trying to outrun his opponent. The referee ignored this episode.
Mutual errors due to fatigue. Real Madrid plays more economically, waiting for a failure in the opponent’s defense.
Vinicius was punished for breaking the Celta counterattack.
Modric entered the penalty area and dangerously shot into the far corner, Ruben barely reached out!
Bale went right and cut the ball over Benzema's head.
Marcelo ruined the attack by hanging from the flank behind the Celta goal.
Danger at the gates of Real Madrid! Fernandez jumped out onto a cross that at the last moment lifted Varan from the Uruguayan leg!
Audriosola allowed himself a foul on someone else's half. “Real” does not allow Celtic to play, Zidane's team is aimed at destruction.

Sergio Ramos met Mendes at the front and prevented the opponent from earning a corner, there will be a shot from the goal.

“Real” with almost all its strength retreats to its half of the field, defending a slippery score.
Modric rudely cut down Denis Suarez, the hosts demanded from the referee a yellow card for a Croat, but he limited himself to an oral warning.
Fernandez climbed into the offside, clinging to the ball on the line of the penalty “Real”.
Modric ran into double custody and did not get out from under the pressure near the corner flag - a shot from the goal.
“Celta” tries to attack in the centre, but because of errors in the transfers, losses often occur.
Aspas is also punished for the argument.
Ruben received a warning for talking with the referee.
“Celta” accelerated the pace, earning a corner. The goalkeeper pitch didn’t lead to anything.
GOAL! Baila twisted the opponent on the edge of the penalty area and laid the ball into the goalkeeper in Benzema, Karim scored one of the easiest goals in his career.
Ruben took Kroos's free-kick and quickly threw the ball into the attack.
Mendes cut Marcelo in a harmless situation. The referee intervened, but without a card.
Vasquez warned for a foul.
Bale sharpened the attack with a throw to the goalkeeper, but Benzema did not have time.
Benzema was not allowed to catch the ball in front. Paz Marcelo was also not comfortable for the Frenchman.
Sergio Ramos did not cope with Vazquez on the flank and hooked the player to the hosts, will be free.
“Celta” does not allow Madrid to control the ball. The struggle for initiative continues.
The game has begun!

Greetings to all football fans! We are pleased to offer you a text online broadcast of the match of the first round Examples: Celta - Real Madrid. The meeting is scheduled to start at 18:00 Moscow time.

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