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Run in: Americans tested the Russian tank

The US military swept the Russian T-80 tank during exercises in South Korea. At the disposal of the country of Russian technology. Run in: Americans tested the Russian tank

Run in: Americans tested the Russian tank

The US military swept the Russian T-80 tank during exercises in South Korea. At the disposal of the country of Russian technology, there are 42 such tanks and 67 infantry fighting vehicles. The joint exercises of the USA and South Korea started in early August, despite warnings from the DPRK.

The US military during the exercises in South Korea got acquainted with modern Russian technology - T-80 tanks and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, which are armed with South Korean aircraft. The only unit of the country's army that uses Russian equipment is the third armoured brigade. At its disposal are 42 T-80U tanks and 67 BMP-3s. They were delivered to the state in the late 90s and early 2000s. For almost 20 years, the T-80U remained the most powerful tank in South Korea, Defense Blog reports.

The floating BMP-3 is armed with two 100-mm and 30-mm cannons, as well as three machine guns. Modern modifications are also equipped with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) "Cornet". During the modernization, it is also planned to install robotic combat modules and active defence on the BMP.
T-80 - a combat vehicle with a single gas turbine power plant. This is the first main tank in the world with built-in ballistic dynamic protection.

The gas turbine engine provides the tank resistance to cold and heat. The 46-ton combat vehicle is capable of accelerating to 70 km / h. The tank for its outstanding dynamic properties was nicknamed "flying."
On the Zvezda channel, the Military Acceptance program dedicated to the T-80 tank was previously aired. Journalists visited the 61st armoured factory near St. Petersburg, where they repair military vehicles of this type.
Representatives of the TV channel were shown tests of the updated T-80 gun, during which wooden logs were used as a projectile.
At the beginning of the month, the competitors of the international competition of repair units "Rambat" in Omsk were surprised by the possible option of operating the tank - they were treated to scrambled eggs and coffee, cooked on a T-80 gas turbine engine.
The US military was able to evaluate the features of the tank during the joint exercises of the United States and South Korea, which, according to media reports, began on August 5. Similar training takes place regularly. This time, the work of military units was practised by soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Army of the United States.
These exercises cause particular concern on the part of the DPRK.
The United States considered the policy of the United States hostile and announced the adoption of countermeasures, a North Korean newspaper reported.
They emphasized that relations could not improve with increasing confrontation and tension. As an example of such hostility in the newspaper, it was precisely the joint exercises of Washington and Seoul. This contributed to the fact that North Korea "is forced to develop, test and deploy the powerful means necessary for national defense," the publication emphasized.
In addition, the DPRK issued a warning to South Korea that holding joint military exercises with the United States would have consequences, Pyongyang reported to the media. The North Korean side called such actions by its neighbours stupid, emphasizing that they will have to pay for them.
Pyongyang called the military exercises of South Korea and the United States an unacceptable military provocation and an outright hostile act of invasion by the United States.
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Pyongyang on August 6 conducted demonstration launches of tactical guided missiles of a new type. They were personally led by the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.
“Two tactical missiles launched from the country's western operational airfield flew over the metropolitan area and the central inland area of ​​our country, and they hit the target on an island in the Sea of ​​Japan,” the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC) said in a statement.
The launch “confirmed” the reliability, safety and effectiveness of the new tactical missile system, they emphasized there. In addition, it became "an opportunity to warn the authorities of the United States and South Korea, conducting joint military exercises," the Central Control Commission noted.
The South Korean Renhap Agency, citing the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, reported that
North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles.
According to their information, they were released at 5.24 and 5.36 (23.24 and 23.36 Moscow time) from the southwestern district of Quil in the province of Hwange. Missiles flew about 450 km at an altitude of about 37 km. This launch was already the fifth in recent years.
The launch of ballistic missiles by North Korea is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwai previously noted.

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