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Russian hypersound: Dagger "first shown to the public

For the first time a hypersonic missile system “Dagger” was shown in public as part of the MiG-31K fighter. Russian hypersound: Dagger "first shown to the public

Russian hypersound: Dagger "first shown to the public

For the first time a hypersonic missile system “Dagger” was shown in public as part of the MiG-31K fighter. A weapons demonstration took place near Ryazan as part of the Army International Games, in which the military of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the PRC took part. In competitions, fighters with missiles participated in the rally of the tactical episode "Aviamiks", covering attack aircraft and bombers attacking a conditional enemy.

The dagger hypersonic missile system was first shown to the general public as part of the Army International Games. The network has already posted a video from the Aviadarts air show, which was attended by MiG-31K fighters equipped with Daggers.

Fighters flew over the Dubrovichi training ground near Ryazan. During the show, attack aircraft and bombers bombarded a conditional enemy with air bombs on an air defense missile system and covered two MiG-31Ks with Daggers. According to the "Morning" portal, a total of about 60 targets of 12 types that were successfully hit were installed at the training ground.
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“MiG-31K aircraft with the“ Dagger ”hypersonic aircraft complex and fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft systems provided cover for the actions of attack and bomber aircraft during the rally of the tactical episode“ Aviamix ”, which opens the final part of the competition,” RIA Novosti was told in the press game centre.

Hypersonic high-precision missile “Dagger” can reach speeds of more than 12 thousand km / h and is capable of hitting objects within a radius of almost 2 thousand km. At the same time, the missile is guaranteed to be able to overcome all existing air defense and missile defense systems, while delivering nuclear and conventional charges.
Currently, 10 MiG-31K aircraft with “Daggers” from December 1, 2017, have been on combat duty in the Southern Military District.
During the opening of the flight program, the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces Sergey Surovikin noted that the international games that the Russians are watching develop cooperation and strengthen the confidence of the participating countries. “Residents and guests of Ryazan for several days have witnessed the uncompromising struggle of real air fighters who demonstrate the high capabilities of modern aircraft and excellent flight training,” Surovikin noted.
At the same time, the commander-in-chief wished the pilots clear skies and soft landings, and the audience - good mood and unforgettable impressions, reports RIA Novosti.
Surovikin noted that Russian pilots, as well as the military of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the People’s Republic of China, are in a single line of competition, showing their skill and professionalism. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to the representatives of the friendly armies participating in this competition.
During the army games, air duels of Su-35S fighters, massive bombing attacks of Tu-22M3 and Su-34 aircraft, missile attacks by Su-25SM3 attack aircraft, which showed various types of manoeuvres, were also demonstrated. In addition, the tactical landing made a landing from transport and combat aircraft, which took place under the cover of the Mi-28N and Ka-52 strike. During the “Aviamiks”, guided missiles were also launched by the “Night Hunters” unit of the Mi-28N. The MiG-31K and Su-57 aircraft were used for the first time in tactical episodes.
At the end of June, Russian leader Vladimir Putin promised that in the coming year's modern equipment, including the “Dagger” hypersonic missile system, would enter the Russian troops.
The hypersonic dagger missile system, Peresvet laser systems, Sarmat heavy intercontinental missile, Poseidon submarine unmanned aerial vehicle, our unlimited range cruise missile with the Burevestnik nuclear power plant, and other modern equipment will enter the troops in the coming years. Talent, insolence and courage, the tireless work of hundreds of thousands of workers, engineers, and designers were embodied in these weapons, ”Putin said.
At the same time, he noted that the effectiveness of work to strengthen the country's defense capabilities, the quality development of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, special services largely depend on the officer corps of the Russian army. “First of all, this concerns the implementation of a large-scale program of re-equipping the army and navy with advanced weapons,” the head of state said at a reception in honour of graduates of higher military educational institutions, RIA Novosti reports.

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