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“Starting point”: Trump may call Putin to the G7 summit

The head of the White House, Donald Trump, said that it is quite possible to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Starting point”: Trump may call Putin to the G7 summit

“Starting point”: Trump may call Putin to the G7 summit

The head of the White House, Donald Trump, said that it is quite possible to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin as a guest to the G7 summit next year. In general, the topic of Russia's return to the G7 has become one of the most discussed on the sidelines of the group’s summit in France’s Biarritz. The Kremlin promised to consider a proposal to participate in the G7 if it arrives.

The head of the White House, Donald Trump, said: “of course, it’s quite possible” that he will invite Russian President Vladimir Putin as a guest at the G7 summit next year in the United States, where he will “create a starting point” for Moscow’s dialogue with other members of the group, reports the American news agency Bloomberg .

In turn, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin will consider Russia's invitation to the G7 summit in the United States if it arrives.

In general, the leaders of the G7 countries in the French city of Biarritz discussed the issue of returning the work of the association to the G8 format with the participation of Russia, but the detailed contents of this meeting “will never be disclosed”, the FAN quoted a source in the Japanese government.
However, for example, European Parliament deputy Thierry Mariani said that the G7 is useless without the participation of Russia, as well as Brazil, China or Africa. According to him, this format will not be able to change the direction in which the world is developing, without the participation of these countries.

He noted that the G7 is out of date. The deputy explained that the current G7 will not be able to dictate its rules to the whole world, and concluded that the former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy realized this 11 years ago and launched a new format - G20.
Earlier, Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron said that they consider the invitation of Russia to the G7 appropriate. However, there was another opinion.
So, the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, proposed calling to the next G7 meeting Ukraine instead of Russia, he had already discussed this issue with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
“If we are talking about re-inviting Russia, then I will say that the reasons why the invitation of the Russian Federation was withdrawn in 2014 are still relevant. Today
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I’ll try to convince my interlocutors that it is better to invite Ukraine as a guest to the next G7 summit, ”
- expressed the confidence of the politician.
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexander Sherin interpreted this initiative as a transition to the individual and pointed to Tusk's Polish citizenship.
“A group of dirty tricks. I understand that Poland hates Russia since the time of Catherine and that Warsaw has a historical resentment against the Russian Empire, the USSR, and the Russian Federation as the successor to the Soviet Union, ”the parliamentarian explained.
Member of the Federation Council committee Franz Klintsevich urged not to dwell on these half measures and proposed inviting Poland and the Baltic countries to G7 so that Russophobia within the framework of the "seven" would reach its maximum level.
The head of the party "National Association" and a member of the French National Assembly Committee on Foreign Affairs, Marine Le Pen reacted to Europe’s reluctance to return Russia to the G8, reports the NSN.
The French politician believes that European leaders, opposing the return of Russia to the G8, create an absurd parody of the Cold War. In addition, she noted on Twitter that anti-Russian ideology is a relic of the past. Such an ideology not only does not meet the interests of European countries but also harms them, she added.
Against the background of what is happening, the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov made it clear that
Russia does not set the task of an indispensable return to the G8 format.
The Kremlin representative noted that many issues, including those related to global problems in geopolitics, security or the economy, are more efficiently resolved for Russia in the G20 format, which includes such giants as India and China.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Russia's admission to the G8. This happened under President Boris Yeltsin when the Russian economy was much weaker than the current one, and its political influence was very weak. It is believed that this was done in advance to strengthen the status of the President of Russia.
At the same time, in the United States, both Republicans and representatives of the democratic elite have repeatedly stated that Russia does not meet many of the criteria for being in the G8. Moreover, Russia was not included in the financial G8, and these issues were resolved without it.
Russia left this club when the leaders of the seven countries refused to come to the summit in Sochi in 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Despite the fact that the peninsula has become part of the country through a referendum, which was held in accordance with all international standards, the West refuses to recognize it as part of the Russian Federation.

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