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“Take care of yourself”: Erdogan is in talks to buy a Su-57

Turkey is negotiating with Moscow about the possibility of buying Russian fighters in exchange for fifth-generation  .“Take care of yourself”: Erdogan is in talks to buy a Su-57

“Take care of yourself”: Erdogan is in talks to buy a Su-57

Turkey is negotiating with Moscow about the possibility of buying Russian fighters in exchange for fifth-generation F-35 aircraft, from which the United States expelled Turkish experts from the program. Recep Tayyip Erdogan noted that he would seriously consider the possibility of such a deal if Washington confirms its determination not to cooperate with Ankara.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced talks with Russia on the possible acquisition of Russian weapons, including Sukhoi Design Bureau fighters, NTV channel reported.

The Turkish leader recalled that Ankara’s cooperation with Moscow in the field of arms purchases is already under the contract for Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM).
“But after what we saw at the [ MAKS -2019] exhibition, our departments - the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Industry Directorate - continued negotiations with the Russian side," the president said when asked whether further steps were taken after Erdogan was introduced to the Su-57 fighter in Moscow.
The head of Turkey noted that he sees "the prospect of wide cooperation in the field of defense products."

In particular, he meant combat drones and reconnaissance drones. According to him, the parties mutually take certain steps in this matter.
Commenting on Turkey’s exclusion from the F-35 fifth-generation American fighter program and the possibility of replacing them with Sukhoi Design Bureau aircraft, Erdogan noted that these aircraft are very different from each other. “If America continues to behave in the same way, we will take care of ourselves. That is, we will evaluate - Su-35 or F-35, Su-57 or something else. When the relevant negotiations begin, we will put forward our conditions on the basis of what will be necessary for our defense sector, ”Erdogan said. According to him, at such talks, Ankara will raise issues of joint production and lending.
The day before, the Turkish leader announced the possibility of buying Su-35 and Su-57 fighters from Russia instead of the American F-35s. "Why not. We arrived here [at the MAKS-2019 air show] for a reason, ”Erdogan told CNN Turk.
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The head of state said that Ankara will make a final decision only after he conducts telephone conversations with his American counterpart Donald Trump and finds out the final US position on Turkey’s participation in the F-35 program.
Erdogan, together with Russian President Vladimir Putin, previously visited the MAKS-2019 international aerospace salon on the first day of his work - August 27.
The head of Turkey saw the Su-57 and asked his Russian counterpart whether it was possible to purchase it, to which Putin replied: “You can buy it.”
At MAKS, presidents became spectators of a group flight of four such fighters. Russian and Turkish leaders also familiarized themselves with the Ka-62 medium helicopter, the Mi-38 heavy helicopter and the Su-35 fighter.
On the sidelines of the air show, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical CooperationDmitry Shugaev said that Russia and Turkey are discussing the supply of electronic warfare systems (EW) to Ankara and Su-35 and Su-57 fighters. He called the upcoming talks with his Turkish counterpart, the head of the Turkish President’s Department of Defense, Ismail Demir, particularly important.
Shugaev assured that the parties will continue to discuss issues on the agenda, including the supply of Turkey S-400. The director of the Federal MTC Service drew attention to Ankara’s interest in Russian aircraft, due to the US suspension of its participation in the F-35 fighter production program.
“We know that today the Republic of Turkey on the F-35 with the Americans in a certain stupor, and interest in our aircraft technology is great. It’s too early to talk about any kind of contract negotiations, there is no bid yet. As it always happens with us, certain consultations should be held, ”Shugaev explained.
The issue of buying Russian fighters became especially relevant for Ankara when the US and NATO began to threaten her with exclusion from the fifth-generation fighter production program.
The White House and the Pentagon officially announced such measures on July 17. Representatives of the US defense department said that this is not even part of the sanctions promised by the American side against Ankara for the acquisition of S-400: the main restrictive measures will be introduced in addition to this resolution. At the time of the announcement of such a decision, Turkey had already ordered 30 of the possible 100 fighters from the United States.

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