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“The funeral of sanctions” called the meeting of Putin and Macron

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In Ukraine, they were outraged by the positive nature of the talks held on August 19 by Russian President. “The funeral of sanctions” called the meeting of Putin and Macron

“The funeral of sanctions” called the meeting of Putin and Macron

In Ukraine, they were outraged by the positive nature of the talks held on August 19 by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. This time, a blogger expressed his discontent, wishing the head of France that Russian tanks drove through the central square of Paris. Earlier, a number of Ukrainian politicians expressed dissatisfaction with the meeting between the two presidents.

Ukrainian blogger Miroslav Oleshko wished French President Emmanuel Macron to see how Russian tanks drive through the central square of Paris.

“I wish you Emmanuel Macron, the passage of Russian tanks in the central square of Paris. And I note this happened after a meeting with the president of [Ukraine, Vladimir] Zelensky! ”Wrote Oleshko (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved).

Thus, he in his social networks reacted to the meeting of the French leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was held in a very positive manner.
The talks between Putin and Macron took place on August 19 in the south of France at Fort Bregancon, the summer residence of the French leaders. The meeting lasted more than 3.5 hours. Its main part was held in close to the press mode.
Before the start of the negotiations, the French president warmly welcomed his Russian counterpart, noting that he was “extremely pleased to have the opportunity to talk” with him.
“Thank you for this visit to Bregancon, dear Vladimir, for taking the time for this trip,” Macron said. By the way, the Kremlin on the eve of the meeting noted that relations between France and Russia are "not so bad."

Before the meeting, the leaders held a press conference for journalists at which they spoke about the main topics of the dialogue. Among them were the situation in Ukraine and negotiations in the Norman format. Macron was the first to speak about his intention to discuss these issues.
In response, Putin said that there is no alternative to the Norman format for resolving the situation in Ukraine, and Russia will continue to support this format. “Any meeting, including a meeting in the Norman format, should lead to concrete results. We need to achieve what we agreed on before, and, of course, move towards this goal, ”Putin emphasized.
After the dialogue, the Kremlin reported that the two heads of state discussed the main issues on the bilateral agenda and a number of international topics. According to a spokesman for the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, Putin and Macron have undergone constructive and confidential negotiations. “We checked the watches on the main issues of both the bilateral and the international agenda,” Peskov noted.
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The next day, the French leader published a post in Russian on his Facebook page. It begins with the words that Russia is a deeply European country.
“We believe in Europe, stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” Macron wrote.
He drew attention to the obvious progress in many political or economic issues, which, in his opinion, was made possible thanks to the efforts that have been made and are being made now for the development of Franco-Russian relations. “I am convinced that in the course of this multilateral restructuring we must develop an architecture of security and trust between the European Union and Russia,” the French President concluded his record.
Just such a tone in relation to Russia and outraged some Ukrainian politicians. A diplomat from Ukraine, Roman Bezsmertny, called the talks "a funeral procession" of anti-Russian sanctions. Moreover, Macron’s statements about Russia only confirmed this thesis.
Immortal outraged the positive nature of the negotiations between the two leaders.
He noted that the presidents discussed bilateral cooperation and noted the growth of trade between the countries. In addition, the Immortal was hurt by the fact that speaking of the Donbas, the French leader used the term "Ukrainian crisis" rather than "war."
Irina Gerashchenko, the vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, was not happy about the nature of the negotiations between the Russian and French leaders. In addition to dissatisfaction with this dialogue, she also expressed outrage at the possible return of Russia to the G7. The idea of ​​bringing Russia back to the G7 was approved by US President Donald Trump, as he announced on August 20 during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Johannis.
“If someone made an offer to return Russia to the group, then this should be taken seriously,” the head of the White House said. “She [Russia] should be in the G8, because Russia should be involved in many of the things we are discussing.”
According to Irina Gerashchenko, European leaders are "mimicking Putin."
She was indignant at the fact that the world “will not fight” for Ukrainian interests. In addition, according to her assumption, by January next year, the Russian side will remove the sanctions restrictions.
Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ogryzko also expressed the opinion that the position of Paris does not bode well for Kyiv. “Macron’s position is unprofitable for Kyiv. The fact that the issue of the “Ukrainian crisis” was discussed without the participation of representatives of Kyiv does not add optimism, ”the diplomat emphasized.

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