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"The threat of national security": in the United States fear Chinese pills

In the United States, Chinese pills were called a national security threat, "The threat of national security": in the United States fear Chinese pills

The threat of national security  in the United States fear Chinese pills

In the United States, Chinese pills were called a national security threat, since they supposedly could adversely affect the health of the US military. Such suspicions among the US authorities arose after the incident with spoiled drugs from the PRC, which were taken by millions of Americans. Moreover, the situation is aggravating amid a trade confrontation between the two states.

US Presidential Administration Donald Trump and the Pentagon suggest that Chinese pills could be a threat to the US military, writes Bloomberg. The agency noted that China is the world's largest supplier of active pharmaceutical substances (APS).

The U.S. is worried about the health of the military using Chinese drugs after millions of Americans took spoiled heart pills from China.

“The risks to national security associated with increasing Chinese dominance in the global AFS market cannot be overestimated,” said Christopher Priest, Acting Deputy Assistant Director for Health Operations at the US Department of Defense's Health Agency for Health. This agency manages most of the medical care for military personnel, including prescription drugs.
The National Security Council is now studying the production of Chinese medicines and trying to identify the most dangerous drugs.
Under the 1979 Trade Agreements Act, the Department of Defense Health Agency is required to purchase a number of drugs from the United States or countries on the special list, but China is not one of these states. Moreover, more than 150 items of Chinese drugs were purchased without regard to this law. In addition, many medicines taken by military and civilians have active ingredients made in China.
Concerns about the safety and effectiveness of Chinese drug ingredients are increasing due to the intensification of the trade war between the US and China. Dependence on Chinese ASFs could seriously damage the United States' defense in the event of a new round of trade war.
Trump tweeted that the United States will start introducing small additional duties on certain goods from China from September 1.
“Trade negotiations [with China] are ongoing, and during these negotiations, the United States will begin on September 1 to introduce small additional duties of 10% on the remaining goods and products coming to our country from China in the amount of $ 300 billion," the president said.
The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Yi, in response to a statement by the American leader, emphasized that "this is not an effective way to resolve the trade and economic differences between the two countries."
At the same time, China also found an answer to such actions. The Chinese government, according to Bloomberg, has ordered state-owned companies to suspend US imports of agricultural products.
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As a result of such a confrontation on Monday, the yuan dipped against the dollar.
The People's Bank of China (Central Bank) lowered the yuan to the dollar to a minimum: the average exchange rate is 6.9225 per dollar.
At the end of July, Trump warned Beijing about a trade deal, and in an ultimatum. According to the president, if the PRC does not sign a trade agreement before its possible re-election of the head of state in 2020, the conditions will subsequently be more stringent.
On July 30, Trump tweeted that the Chinese may be “waiting for the election” to see if a Democratic candidate, such as Joe Biden, will become president.
“However, the problem with their expectation is that if and when I win (in the elections), the agreement will be tougher than the one we are negotiating today ... or it won’t be at all,” the American leader threatened. In addition, he complained that the Chinese side has the habit of “always changing the agreement in its favour at the end”.
Lawyer Kudlow, an economic adviser to the American leader, noted that US-Chinese trade relations could still improve.
According to him, duties from China can be removed in case of progress in trade negotiations with China.

He said that Trump with his team is going to visit China in September. Kudlow expressed Washington’s hope that the Chinese side would lower its trade barriers. Then the United States will begin to supply billions tons of its products to China and sell services, the adviser to the president assured.
“We are ready for negotiations, the move to a good deal will be a positive signal and can change the situation with duties,” Kudlow emphasized.

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