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Top 10 ranked the most dangerous sports in the world

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Top 10 ranked the most dangerous sports in the world. Every year, thousands of people die from occupational and amateur sports, and millions suffer injuries

Top 10 ranked the most dangerous sports in the world

Every year, thousands of people die from occupational and amateur sports, and millions suffer injuries of varying severity. Gazeta.Ru ranked the most dangerous sports.

10. Football

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world and seems relatively safe. Of course, like in any other contact form, injuries and even accidents are sometimes inevitable, sometimes resulting in death, but this is possible everywhere.

True, there is a “game of millions” and two markers, forcing it to be classified as the most dangerous sport. Firstly, the usual injury of a football player is a cruciate ligament rupture and other injuries of the knee, which happens not only among professionals and has a tangible impact on the future life.

The second problem of football is concussion - 8% of football players earned this dangerous injury. Only in two sports, the percentage of tremors is higher - in hockey and snowboard. But in the same hockey, the existing and 12% which are a problem are generally compensated by much less traumatic. In addition, on the ice they constantly struggle with this problem, changing the rules, while in football, they just introduce video replays that have no effect on tremors.

9. MMA

Many consider mixed martial arts perhaps the most beautiful sport on earth, where two martial arts masters demonstrate their skills in a cage. The problem is that at all levels, forces are far from always equal, which is quite critical in the form where the main goal is to inflict damage on an opponent.

Injuries, including those that can lead to serious consequences can happen at any time, not only in fights, but also in the training process, and professionals also exhaust themselves with weight gain, from which Habib Nurmagomedov almost died before the fight with Tony Ferguson, because of what was forced to withdraw.

8. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a beautiful and athletic sport, singing an ode to the human body and its flexibility. They begin to engage in this species in early childhood, acquiring the strength and elasticity of the muscles, but one small mistake can lead to fatal consequences and cost the athlete health for the rest of his life, in which there will be no gymnastics or realization of dreams.

Perhaps the percentage of injuries in gymnastics is not so high, but their set is terrifying: fractures of the wrist and spine, neck injuries, chronic injuries of the ankle joint, and the same concussions.

7. Surfing

Surfing is also unusual to think of as something dangerous, and this is not what the hypothetical meetings with flying sharks that have swum up to the ocean shore make it so.

Surfers are real romantics enjoying the waves, the sun and the wind. They rush through the water at great speed and risk breaking their necks, unable to cope with a wave or stumble upon a reef. Moreover, the higher the skill of an athlete, the more dangerous his position, as he chooses the most complex and risky stunts.

6. Basketball

Basketball, called by his fans the “best ball game”, is quite a massive sport, but at the same time, it is the absolute record holder for injuries. According to a study by American statisticians, basketball classes each year lead to almost half a million injuries!

Basketball brings the most damage to adult athletes aged 20 to 30 years. Well, the jerks on the floor in different directions are such "pleasant" things as damage to the knee and - especially - the Achilles tendon ruptures. The latter leads to the fact that a person can no longer restore the former speed and sharpness.

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5. Rugby

Rugby is one of the most difficult sports known to man and the level of danger in it is at an insane level, comparable only to the courage of the people involved in this game.

Rugby players enter the field without any protection except for helmets, which not all players use. During the match, the athletes constantly beat each other, and in the course of the struggle, they step on each other's feet with stiff spikes. In rugby, there is no room for meanness and not so much rudeness, but it still doesn’t change anything - the game is dangerous for the athletes ’body throughout the 90 minutes of each match and can lead to absolutely any injuries.

4. American football

The attitude towards American football in our country is often somewhat dismissive. They say that this is a sport, where for  20-second gameplay there is a minute pause, and the athletes are equipped as if they were medieval knights. And, of course, they compare this sport with the noble rugby, where, with about the same essence, there are no pauses and protection.

It’s just important to understand that the strength of strikes in American football exceeds the rugby one many times, and therefore, without protection, athletes would simply send each other to the next world in batches.

But even without that, American football often leads to tragic consequences. The career of a player in the National Football League lasts an average of four seasons, for which he manages to get chronic health problems at best, and also needs psychological help at worst.

3. Auto and motorsports

Racing has always been one of the most dangerous sports. Every year, dozens of athletes die on the tracks, although to our time, security has leapt very far forward.

Who would you like to hit a wall at 200 km / h with the risk that the car would catch fire? In this case, as a rule, the protective suit does not save either. We can recall the example of Niki Lauda, ​​who heroically returned to Formula 1, but still suffered the consequences of the accident when he was alive until the end of his life.

A motorcycle racer accident at full speed and does lead to free flight with the ability to please under the wheels of continuing competition.

2. Boxing

After the recent cases, the loudest of which was the death of Russian fighter Maxim Dadashev, who died in hospital in the US four days after the fight with Puerto Rican Subriel Matthias, who led to the operation due to swelling of the brain, spoke about the danger of boxing especially loudly.

But the fact is that boxers have always died. And they will continue to die. If you have been hit on the head all your life, this will have an impact on health. True, the cumulative effect is not always needed - sometimes everything can end sadly from one, even an accidental hit.

1. Mountaineering

You hardly expected that this sport would be at the top of our ranking, but mountaineering remains the most dangerous sport that people play. The conquest of the mountains - a passion, but at the same time and terribly dangerous business.

Every year dozens of people die only on Everest, but this is just one mountain. To climb the summits, excellent preparation is necessary, but even she does not guarantee 90% of safety.

Almost anything can kill in the mountains. A landslide, an avalanche, a wrong move ... But the most terrible is oxygen starvation, which is inevitable at high altitude and adversely affects the human body.


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