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Trump called on Apple to return from China to the United States

Donald Trump continues to put pressure on Apple, which has been at the forefront in the US and China trade war. Trump called on Apple to return from China to the United States

Trump called on Apple to return from China to the United States

Donald Trump continues to put pressure on Apple, which has been at the forefront in the US and China trade war, as the main product of the brand is located in China. During a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Johannis, the American president said that without his help the “apple” would have big problems, and urged the company to permanently leave China.

US President Donald Trump met at the White House with Romanian President Klaus Johannis, during which he answered journalists' questions. First of all, the press was interested in the ongoing trade war with China, which, according to Trump, has absolutely no effect on the US economy, but according to analysts, it harms not only Chinese but also American companies.

Answering this question, the head of state unexpectedly mentioned Apple, most of which is located in China.
At the same time, Trump noted that if it were not for his help to the “apple”, then the brand would have been “faced with serious problems”.

“China lost 2 million jobs last month because everyone is moving - people, companies are moving to countries without duties. They lost 2 million jobs in a very short time. And lose even more. If I didn’t help certain companies - American companies like Apple - I can help them, but only for a while, until they do what they have to do, which means leaving China ... If I didn’t help them, they there would be serious problems, ”the US president said.
It is not known for certain what exactly Trump’s help with Apple is. Moreover, the 10% duty imposed by the American president on imports from China will directly affect the “apple” gadgets, which will become even more expensive for consumers due to the trade war.
For the first time that Apple could raise the cost of some devices to offset the new tax, the media started talking about a year ago. At the same time, Donald Trump during one of the speeches at the White House in July 2018 indicated that the trade war with China "plays into the hands" of Apple.
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“They [Apple] will spend money wisely, but they will spend it in our country, not elsewhere. This was made possible thanks to new duties and tax amendments, ”said the American leader, pointing to Apple’s plans to return to the US $ 252 billion, which is stored abroad.
However, when asked by the journalist if the new fee would cause a negative reaction from American consumers, Donald Trump answered “maybe”. After that, he added that the Americans would “easily survive” the 10% duty.
So that companies can avoid higher tariffs on their products, Trump advised them to postpone their production.
“I recommend building factories in the United States and producing goods here. There are many other alternatives, ”the US leader told The Wall Street Journal.
Earlier, Trump has repeatedly hinted at Apple CEO Tim Cook to move his factories to the United States.
“Apple’s prices may increase due to the enormous duties that we levy on China, but there’s a simple solution that you don’t have to pay tariffs due to tax breaks. Make your goods not in China, but in the USA. Start building factories now. Amazing! ”Trump tweeted.
There are several reasons why Apple is reluctant to transfer production from China to the United States. The first is cheaper labour. A qualified collector from China earns about $ 100 a week, which is significantly lower than the American salary market.
Secondly, the lack of necessary parts and spare parts, as well as factories for their production in the United States. For example, the iPhone comes complete with an OLED display, a face scanner, a high-quality camera, etc. - All of these devices are manufactured in China.
The entire production chain of iPhones is located in China, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the assembly.
Earlier this week, information appeared that Tim Cook managed to convince US President Donald Trump that new duties of 10% on exported Chinese products could harm the US economy. Cook cited the South Korean company Samsung as an example of Apple’s main rival, which will benefit from the US-China trade war. Trump, who had previously ignored all warnings from the Apple CEO, suddenly heeded his request and called the arguments “very compelling.”

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