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Trump make the conversation with Putin For Next level

Trump makes the conversation with Putin For Next level. Donald Trump liked the conversation with Vladimir Putin: the conversation was “short but productive”

Trump make the conversation with Putin For Next level

Donald Trump liked the conversation with Vladimir Putin: the conversation was “short but productive”. The American leader suggested that the Kremlin highly appreciated the offer to help extinguish forest fires in Siberia. Also, the leaders of the two countries discussed international trade issues but did not touch on the subject of the Treaty on Medium and Shorter-Range Missiles.

US President Donald Trump praised the telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin writes Bloomberg.

“The conversation was short but productive. We did not discuss the treaty on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles, ”the American leader emphasized.

  • Also, Trump said that he offered the Russian authorities assistance in extinguishing forest fires in Siberia. “There are strong fires in their forests, they are incredible. I have never seen anything like it, they are very large. I think Putin highly appreciated [my proposal], I think we can help them, ”said the US president.

  • On the evening of July 31, Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin on the phone. In response to the offer of help in extinguishing fires, the Russian leader “sincerely thanked” his American counterpart and assured that, if necessary, the Russian authorities would take advantage of this offer.

“The Russian President appreciated this move by the US President as a guarantee that in the future it will be possible to restore full-format relations between the two countries. [Putin and Trump] agreed to continue contacts both in a telephone format and in face-to-face meetings, ”the Kremlin’s official website reports.

  • Putin also said that a large aviation group of firefighters had been formed in Siberia. Now the Ministry of Emergency Situations faced only minor problems when refuelling and placing aircraft.

  • According to Avialesookhrani, by midnight on August 1, the territory of Russia is fighting with 165 fires on an area of ​​116,089 ha. At the same time, 318 more fires on the area of ​​2 955 467 ha are not carried out. Two days earlier, the numbers were different - the number of fires and their area continues to grow.

  • The area of ​​fires that are trying to suppress is in the lead of the Irkutsk Region with more than 83 thousand hectares, the Krasnoyarsk Territory with 24 thousand hectares and Yakutia - one and a half a thousand hectares are burning there.

  • On August 1, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened the first criminal case because of large-scale forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The case was initiated about the negligence of officials of the Ministry of Forestry, who did not take prompt measures to extinguish fires.

  • Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Moscow is considering Donald Trump’s proposal to help extinguish fires in the Russian Federation as a step towards restoring dialogue with the United States, FAN reports.

  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) of Russia also expressed gratitude to Washington for offering assistance. According to NSN, this was stated by Vladimir Soloviev, head of the department of international activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, noting that the agency may take advantage of this proposal.

According to the rescuer, the offer of assistance in emergency situations is "the usual international practice." For example, in 2018, Moscow offered its assistance in the 

  • fight against wildfires in the states of New Mexico and California, but the United States refused to cooperate with Russian rescuers.

  • In Washington state, burned 4.5 hectares. Rescuers urgently evacuated 300 residents of the small town of Visram. The flames came too close to their homes. The fire was spreading rapidly due to the strong wind.

  • In August, US President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency due to forest fires in the state of California. The federal authorities sent funds from the US treasury to help the state’s counties affected by the disaster.

  • In California, fires spread to more than 114 thousand hectares, wiping more than 500 buildings, including residential buildings, off the face of the earth. About 37 thousand Californians were evacuated. In November 2018, 83 people died in forest fires in California, and about 250 thousand local residents were evacuated. The number of victims of harmful fumes reaches several thousand. Missing more than 600 people.

Trump blamed the fires of state power, which, according to him, "poorly managed forestry."

The November fires in California covered about 50 thousand hectares, which is comparable to the area of ​​Moscow. Some people died right in their cars, burning alive in an attempt to get out of the fire bags.

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