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US media appreciated the development of the Russian fleet

The Russian Navy is evolving, giving priority to more corvettes, patrol boats and my ships over large ocean frigates. US media appreciated the development of the Russian fleet

US media appreciated the development of the Russian fleet

The Russian Navy is evolving, giving priority to more corvettes, patrol boats and my ships over large ocean frigates, destroyers and cruisers, writes the American publication The National Interest. Journalists noted that the Russian fleet is inferior to the American and Chinese in total displacement. Earlier, the ex-commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vladimir Komoyedov, recalled the presence in Russia of nuclear submarines with strike weapons.

On August 14, the Russian Armed Forces completed key tests in the Sea of ​​Japan of the upgraded Smerch missile ship - this showed the evolution of the Russian fleet from the dominance of several large ships to a larger number of smaller warships, writes The National Interest, an American analytical publication.

The author of the material, David Ax, said that the Tornado is one of 150 corvettes, patrol boats and my ships of the Russian fleet. Each has a displacement of several thousand or even hundreds of tons.

“The Russian fleet operates less than 30 large ocean frigates, destroyers and cruisers. The United States Navy, on the other hand, controls only a couple dozen small vessels and more than 100 large ones. The American and Russian fleets are opposites, each of which reflects the strategy, history and geography of their country, ”the article says.

The U.S. Navy, backed by a powerful high-tech industry, prefers large ships for their ability to travel long distances in support of the interventionist foreign policy, the NI note says.
The Russian fleet, according to an American analyst, is based on outdated shipyards that can only produce small vessels.
“Fortunately for Moscow, smaller ships are suitable for Russia's strategic tasks of destabilizing and attacking rivals at a short distance along its own territorial waters,” the expert assures. Wherein,
the transformation of Russian military vessels into a small fleet is accelerating,
explained in the text. Larger ships are decommissioned, and smaller ones, both new and modernized, take their place, turning what was once the main global force into a new type of regional fleet, according to the United States.
At the same time, the analyst assures that, despite the changes, the Russian fleet in most respects lags behind the naval forces of the USA and China. By 2019, the Russian fleet has 360 ships, according to US Navy Commander Keith Patton, who works at the Center for International Maritime Security. The Chinese fleet, in contrast, has 624 warships.
“At the same time, the US Navy has a total of 333 ships. But American ships are on average much larger than Chinese and Russian. The total displacement of the US Navy is 4.6 million tons. The Chinese fleet has this indicator of 1.8 million tons. The total displacement of the Russian Navy is 1.2 million tons, ”Ax statistics cite.
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The specialist also recalls that the US Navy is capable of carrying about 12,000 offensive missiles, and Chinese ships - 5,200 missiles. But Russian military vessels, despite such innovations as the Tornado, are able to take on board no more than 3300 units of missile weapons.
It is worth noting that the commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe and Africa, Admiral James Foggo, recognized the superiority of Russian submarines over American ones. Military expert Vasily Dandykin confirmed that, for example, the super-powerful Shark submarine could destroy any object while controlling half the globe, FAN reports.
“The Americans were very interested that we did not have these“ Sharks ”. Because one submarine controls half the world, and there were six of them. They were created in response to the Trident American system of solid-fuel ballistic missiles, ”the Russian specialist explained. Previously leaving post
US Ambassador to Moscow John Huntsmanthreatened Russia with “200 thousand tons of diplomacy” - two carrier groups of the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy,
which was transferred to the Mediterranean Sea. According to the diplomat, it’s time for Russia to “stop its destabilizing activities around the world."
In response to this, the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov, recalled that over the past 20 years, Russia has had a lot of the most modern weapons and military vessels, including nuclear submarines with strike weapons, ready to perform the task anywhere in the world, reports NSN.
In July of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a reception on the occasion of the Navy’s Day, which was held in the building of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg, recalled that Russia has the longest maritime border in the world with access to three oceans.
“We have a powerful fleet with a great history, which was created by the labour, talent, will and victories of many generations of our sailors,” the head of state added.

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