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what did the US aircraft do near Russia's borders

What Did The US Aircraft Do Near Russia's Borders? The American aircraft conducted reconnaissance of the Russian borders of the Black Sea coast.

what did the US aircraft do near Russia's borders

The American aircraft conducted reconnaissance of the Russian borders of the Black Sea coast. A few days earlier, the same aircraft conducted a reconnaissance flight in the same area for two and a half hours. The appearance of foreign aircraft near the borders of Russia in recent times is not uncommon. So, according to the Armed Forces of Russia, 39 aircraft were seen in the last week alone.

On the Russian coast of the Black Sea, a US plane conducted a reconnaissance flight. This was reported by the monitoring resource Plane Radar on Twitter.

In particular, information was provided that the Lockheed EP-3E Orion Aries II, an electronic intelligence aircraft of the United States Navy, flew from Suda Bay airbase, located on Crete Island in Greece, at 11:15. After that, he went to the Black Sea coast of Russia.

  • Recently, the Russian military increasingly began to notice foreign drones and reconnaissance aircraft near the borders of Russia. So, on July 27, the same American aircraft with registration number 156511 conducted reconnaissance of the Russian Black Sea coast. The aircraft, according to the monitoring resource, flew at 12:10 from the same Greek test site and two and a half hours later conducted reconnaissance. It is noted that the aircraft twice the south-eastern borders of Crimea, after which it moved to its south-western borders. During its flight, the unit approached the coastline at 32 km.

  • On the same day, the American anti-submarine aircraft P-8A Poseidon with the hull number 169004 was spotted. According to PlaneRadar information, it flew from Sigonella airbase on the island of Sicily at 11:05 am Moscow time, after which it was spotted in the Black Sea. This aircraft cruised at the borders of the Crimea for several hours, after which at 16:00 Moscow time it completed reconnaissance.

  • In response, the Crimea declared that it was better for Americans to visit the Crimean peninsula, rather than conduct reconnaissance, studying the extent of its development from the air.

  • “We cannot prohibit American aircraft from flying near our borders; the main thing is not to cross the line of what is permitted. If the US authorities are so interested in the dynamics of the development of the Crimea and its military power, they can come to the Russian region on an official visit to learn from Russia’s large-scale development of the territories, ”the State Duma deputy from the Crimea region said in a conversation with RIA Novosti Ruslan Bulbeck.

  • The parliamentarian is confident that only a personal meeting and communication with the residents of the region will be able to reliably show the state of affairs in the Crimea. At the same time, according to him, no aerial photography will reflect this.

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“I urge American officials and politicians to face the truth, to show political courage, wisdom, and to come, coordinating a visit through the Russian Foreign Ministry, to the Crimea,” concluded the Russian deputy.

  • In addition to the Crimean region, recently, American aircraft were seen near the Kaliningrad region. According to PlaneRadar, the aircraft taking off from the American airbase was recorded near Kaliningrad. Three hours later, the Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint completed reconnaissance and headed back. At the same time in the Baltic Sea, reconnaissance actions were conducted by a Swedish aircraft.

  • Only in the last week, 39 foreign aircraft were being reconnoitred at the Russian borders. At the same time, Russian fighters had to fly 12 times to prevent a violation of the state border, follows from the infographic published in the newspaper of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “Red Star”. It is emphasized that no violations of Russian borders were allowed.

  • However, Russian aircraft are also close to foreign borders. So, on July 30, the Typhoon British Air Force fighters escorted a Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft, which flew near the Estonian air border, reports RIA Novosti, citing a message from the British Ministry of Defense.

  • “We identified him when he was close to NATO space. This is a standard protocol for aircraft, ”the publication says the words of the statement. The British Defense Ministry also noted that this is “the usual NATO mission for Typhoon aeroplanes,” which shows the partnership work of the United Kingdom and Estonia. The quick response of the British Air Force

  • “Our personnel, located in Estonia and around the world, are always ready to respond to any scenario, as we continue to be committed to our NATO allies,” said Ben Wallace, the head of the British defense department. According to him, the rapid response of fighters is designed to "protect the sky above the Baltic."

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