Wolves vs Manchester United: Man United against Wolves

Wolverhampton broke the field with Manchester United in their field, exchanging goals in the 2nd round match of the English Premier League. In the second half, Paul Pogba was unable to realize a penalty.

Wolves vs Manchester United: Man United against Wolves

90 + 5
Everything! The match is over - Manchester United for the fourth time in a row could not beat Wolverhampton - this time a draw 1: 1! The broadcast for you was conducted by Andrey Levin!

90 '
Four minutes add Moss to the main time of the match. There is still time for the teams to hit each other's gates!
86 '
And now a substitution in the home team - Neto enters the field, he replaced Diego Jota.
84 '
Van Bissac gets the “mustard plaster" - the second for the Mancunians in this match.
81 '
Juan Mata enters the field instead of Lingard. Confused Solskjers intensifies his attack.
68 '
Paul Pogba struck into the lower corner, but Rui Patricio reflects the blow! Bravo to the Portuguese goalkeeper!
67 '
And then Cody fouls in his own penalty area - penalty!
67 '
And now Moss takes out a yellow card for Ryan Bennett, he received it for a rough game.
63 '
Traore, trying to get to the ball, roughly hit the opponent in the legs. Jonathan Moss whistled a violation.
60 '
James hung into the penalty area, but not one of his teammates could reach the ball.
55 '
The rough selection was demonstrated by Hari Maguire. Moss appointed a free-kick, which will be left players Wolverhampton.
52 '
Ruben Neves punished with a yellow card. Now he needs to be careful.
49 '
Diogu Zhota gets damaged and, apparently, will be replaced.
47 '
Johnny made a pass into the box, Raul Jimenez took the ball, but could not beat the defender.
46 '
Doherty was replaced in the composition of “Wolves”, on the field in the second half goes Traore.
46 '
Commands are returned to the field. We are waiting for an equally bright second half!
45 + 1 '
Well, Moss is whistling about the end of the first half. Manchester United lead 1-0 thanks to a goal from Martial. Teams go for a break, and we will rest!
41 '
344 to 155 - this is the advantage of the Sulscher transmission team. Very revealing!
39 '
The home team cannot cross the centre line. Either the players of Manchester United take the ball, or Wolverhampton gives it to his opponents, and sometimes not far from the penalty area.
36 '
Martial again broke into the penalty area of ​​Wolverhampton, but captain Cody figured out this situation perfectly well.
35 '
The players from Manchester pressed the home team to their goal. Again, little is gained from them.
32 '
Jimenez struck after a corner, but Pogba hit a blow.
Two-thirds of the first half behind, while 1-0. The game looks very interesting and rich!
29 '
They sang the stands to Molina, supporting their team. In their opinion, far from everything is lost for their favourites.
27 '
Gooooooooooooooo !!!!!!! The first shot on target and the goal right away. Martial scores his 50th goal for the Mancunians! Assists in the account of Ransford.
24 '
After a two-minute positional attack by Man United, James threw the ball past his opponent and fell. The judge is relentless - a simulation - a yellow card to the young player of Manchester United.
21 '
Several mutual attacks were carried out by the teams, but none of them came to the blow.
Marsayayal! The “MU” player misses a wonderful moment: Rashford “tackled” the defender on the left in the box and made a wonderful cross. Unfortunately for Manchester United, the goal did not happen.
Fouls a Wolverhampton player in the away box, De Gea knocks the ball out of the goalkeeper.
74% to 26% - the percentage of possession of the ball in favour of Manchester United, the Mancunians completely keep the field.
Van Bissaka tried to make a pass with the heel in the penalty of the hosts, but the defenders interrupted the transfer.
Manchester’s quick counterattack, and now a corner in their favour. Submitted by Luke Shaw.
Jimenez went through three, broke into the penalty area, gave the ball to a partner who earned the first corner.
The pressure of “MJ” leads to the fact that Rui Patriciu knocks the ball out. However, the attack of the guests did not go further.
3 '
While the game is under the control of United, only for a few seconds the Wolves moved to the alien half of the field.
2 '
Recall, Manchester United cannot beat Wolverhampton for three matches. And he lost the last two - both times with a score of 1: 2.
Sounds the starting whistle of the British referee Jonathan Moss, let's go! The broadcast for you is conducted by Andrey Levin!
Recall that in the first round the “wolves” played a goalless draw with “Leicester”, and before and after this match both times they defeated the Armenian “Pyunik” in the Europa League qualification 4-0. Manchester also defeated Chelsea 4-0 in the first match of the new Premier League season.
“Red Devils” was also named by 11 players who will enter the field from the first minute: De Gea, Van Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Macktominay, Pogba, James, Lingard, Rashford, Martial.
The home team has already announced their starting lineup: Rui Patriciu, Castro, Pain, Bennett, Doherty, Ruben Neves, Dendonker, Moutinho, Cody, Jimenez, Diogo Jota.
The start of the meeting is scheduled for 22.00 Moscow time.
9:30 p.m.
Hello, dear football fans. Your attention is a text online broadcast of the match of the 2nd round of the Wolverhampton - Manchester United nuclear submarine.

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