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Apple introduced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

For the second year in a row, Apple’s presentation has been going as calmly as possible. Apple introduced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Apple introduced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

For the second year in a row, Apple’s presentation has been going as calmly as possible - the new iPhones are too far from the technological revolution and do not cause any desire to change the old model to an updated one. Journalists, accustomed to the fact that the "apple" is a leader in the field of mobile innovation, are increasingly disappointed in the company and call its events "Groundhog Day", since every year only numbers change, but not the content. In addition, experts suggest that due to the lack of 5G in the presented iPhone 11, Apple will lose in competition with Chinese manufacturers.

September 10, Cupertino held another presentation of Apple. Leaks and rumours this year reached the highest degree of truthfulness - almost all the announcements that appeared in the press were confirmed. Three iPhone models were presented - iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, each of which received an updated camera located on a square convex platform in the upper left corner on the back of the device.

In social networks, such a design almost immediately received the stigma of "disgustingly ugly."

On the eve and during the presentation, several users were openly interested in Twitter, when they already showed “that ugly iPhone”.
This approach of the audience demonstrates that no one expected anything breakthrough from the presentation - everyone was interested to see what the iPhone would look like, without an obvious intention to buy it. This is confirmed by the numerous memes in which the design of the camera is ridiculed. The last time such a wave of funny pictures was seen in June 2019, when Apple showed the Mac Pro computer, which resembles a giant vegetable grater. The initial price of the car started at $ 5999, and all users who were interested in the announcement and showed activity did not plan to purchase it - they just laughed at its appearance.
The foreign press also met the event very coldly. CNBC writes that Apple again failed to hit its fans. The publication calls the new features “important improvements”, but acknowledges that the company failed to revolutionize.
In addition, CNBC points out the fact that most users, such as last year’s iPhones, will not even notice a faster processor and improved camera performance.
Mashable complains that the presentations of iPhones begin to resemble Groundhog Day when nothing new happens every year, but only the old script repeats.
“Every year we wait for a new iPhone, and after the presentation, we decide to walk a bit more with the iPhone 6S,” the portal said.
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The official slogan of Apple's presentation, which sounds like “Thanks to Innovation Only” By Innovation Only], more and more reminiscent of some kind of mockery.
Regular spectators of the event also noted that this year there was no traditional phrase by Apple CEO Tim Cook “and something else” [eng. One more thing], which heralded an explosive announcement. So, in the past years after it, the public was first introduced to Apple Watch, Apple Music and iPhone X. For two consecutive years, Apple can’t find anything suitable to bring it under this phrase, which has become a landmark for the company.
Apple will be "extremely hard" to maintain its position in China in the second half of 2020, according to Canalys analyst Gia Mo.
“It is not yet clear whether the iPhone 11 technologies can outweigh the flaws of this smartphone in hardware, for example, the lack of 5G support,” the expert concluded.

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