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Big Insult: Donald Trump asked Modi - Where do you bring such journalists?

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to the US. Big Insult: Donald Trump asked Modi - Where do you bring such journalists?

Big Insult: Donald Trump asked Modi - Where do you bring such journalists?

After the 'Howdy Modi' program, Narendra Modi and Donald Trump met again on Tuesday. After this bilateral dialogue, Trump and Modi met the media.

In this press conference, an Indian journalist asked Trump some questions in the presence of Modi.
Question of Indian journalist: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that ISI had trained al-Qaeda. How do you see this statement?
Trump: I didn't hear anything like that.
Journalist: Is there a roadmap to deal with radical Islamic terror?
Trump: We will try to find a solution to the Kashmir issue. This is what we all want.
Journalist: But sir, isn't terrorism a big issue? Is there a roadmap to tackle Pakistan government-sponsored terrorism?
Trump looks at Modi and says, "You have good reporters." I wish I had such reporters too. You are doing better than any other journalist. Where do you find such a reporter? See, you have a great Prime Minister to solve the difficulties. I have no doubt about it.
Date 23 September 2019.
US President Donald Trump had a joint press conference after meeting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The Pakistani reporter asks Trump a question related to the United Nations Ordinance on Kashmir.
Trump looks at Imran and says, "I like this reporter." Do you (journalist) belong to Imran Khan's team?
Reporter: I am not from Imran's team. I am a freelance journalist.
After this, a second Pakistani report asks Trump the question - Kashmir is closed for 50 days. Neither internet nor phone. Human rights are being violated in Kashmir. What are you doing for the Kashmiri people?
Trump, says Imran, 'you bring searching were a reporter. These people are amazing.
In the US, there has been a fierce battle between journalists and President Trump.
Trump has on several occasions mocked media institutions and journalists as spreading fake news.
In 2017, BBC's John Sopley met with US President Trump.
When John Sopel of the BBC stood up to question Trump stopped him in between and asked, "Where are you from?"
When the journalist told that he was from the BBC, Trump said in a teary mood, "One more ..."
The BBC's John Soppel took it as a compliment, saying it was good ... without any discrimination and fair.
Copal was asking his question that Trump stopped him in between.
There was a lot of discussion between Trump and the journalist of CNN channel.
His 'press hard pass' was withdrawn from the White House Chief Correspondent Jim Acosta of Cable News Network (CNN).

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