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“Contain Russia”: what the US pays for Ukraine

Washington resumes military assistance to Kyiv. According to American lawmakers, Ukraine is fighting one of the main enemies. “Contain Russia”: what the US pays for Ukraine

“Contain Russia”: what the US pays for Ukraine

Washington resumes military assistance to Kyiv. According to American lawmakers, Ukraine is fighting one of the main enemies of the United States in the world - Russia, and it needs support. Donald Trump previously asked his national security staff to review Ukraine’s military financing program to make sure that the money is used in the interests of the United States.

The United States lifts a $ 250 million ban on military assistance to Ukraine. US lawmakers convinced the White House that this issue is vital for Kyiv. About this writes the publication Defense News.

Earlier, the White House froze the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine, but after several weeks of bipartisan pressure from American lawmakers, this issue was resolved positively. The US Congress said that funding for Kyiv is necessary to “contain Russia”.

Both Republicans and Democrats - members of the US Senate Defense Appropriations Committee - said Thursday that Donald Trump’s administration ceded lawmakers on the matter Wednesday night. The news came at a hearing on the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee in fiscal 2020.
The initiatives of US President Donald Trump to temporarily freeze military aid to Ukraine have provoked anger from even those legislators who are usually allies of the head of the White House. This is, in particular, the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham, who heads the Senate subcommittee, which is responsible for the cost of maintaining the US Department of State.
“My vote will be the loudest in the US Senate if the Donald Trump administration does not provide military assistance to Ukraine in a timely manner in fiscal 2020,” he said.

According to Defense News sources in the US Congress, it was the White House Administration and Budget Office that lifted the ban on military assistance to Ukraine. Financing of $ 250 million is provided as part of the Pentagon's initiative to assist Kyiv in the field of security. In addition, the source notes, another $ 141.5 million will be transferred to Ukraine in the form of foreign military funding, which is prepared separately by the State Department.
“Many in the US Congress really wanted Ukraine’s financial support back,” said Jim Rice (Republican from Idaho), another Donald Trump ally, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
“I had a lot of discussions with the administration about this, they were between me and, to be precise, the chief administrator,” he added.
“Why did you freeze military aid to Ukraine?” Asked Senator Richard Durbin, Democrat Number Two in the US Senate and Chair of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, addressing the Donald Trump administration.
“This funding for a country that is fighting one of our enemies in the world is a matter of life and death for Ukraine,” he added.
However, Republican Senator from Oklahoma James Lankford noted the advisability of a decision by the Donald Trump administration to temporarily suspend military assistance to Ukraine. He argued that it was necessary to first deal with the results of the election of a new president in Ukraine. The loyalty of Vladimir Zelensky to the United States, in his opinion, was initially in question.
“It is reasonable that the United States spent a couple of months to get to know Vladimir Zelensky and his administration better,” said Lankford, adding that he had recently visited Kyiv for the same purpose.
“I think that now we should move faster in assisting Ukraine, but at the same time, due diligence was shown to us. In the past, the administration has already assisted Kyiv with the supply of lethal weapons, ”added Lankford.
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This was also stated by Daniel Fried, a professional diplomat who worked both in the republican and democratic administrations. In his words, "the new leaders of Ukraine, who took up their posts as a result of free and fair elections, deserved and deserve the support of America and not confusing signals."
Speaking at a meeting of a group of writers on defense issues, US Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs R. Clark Cooper said that on Wednesday evening Congress was notified that funding was available to Ukraine in the amount of $ 141.5 million. This money covers expenses on sniper rifles, grenade launchers and some other types of weapons and military equipment.
Vladimir Zelensky, in connection with the US decision, said at the YES (Yalta European Strategy) conference that Kyiv has excellent relations with Washington.
“Now instead of the blocked $ 250 million, we will have $ 140 million and $ 250 million,” Zelensky said.
As for the details of freezing military aid to Ukraine, US President Donald Trump in August asked his national security staff to review Ukraine’s military financing program to make sure that the money is used in the interests of the United States. On Capitol Hill, even then, such a move was evaluated negatively.
Tom Malinowski, a New Jersey Democrat who sits on the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said that “the big problem is that Trump is once again showing himself as an asset to Russia.”
In Kyiv, they expect that the military assistance of the United States will from time to time be steadily increasing. For example, earlier Gazeta.Ru wrote that Ukraine hopes to replace its "mosquito fleet" with American frigates in order to become a "subject of geopolitics." And this is much more serious than providing assistance in the amount of $ 250 million.
If the American program for reviving the Ukrainian Navy starts, then the transfer of only frigates of the Oliver Hazard Perry type to their composition will most likely not be limited.
The EU and NATO can also join this process. For example, the United States does not currently produce diesel submarines, much needed by the Ukrainian Navy. However, such submarines are being built by France and Germany, many of which have air-independent installations. It is possible to transfer the French and German submarine second-hand to the combat personnel of the Ukrainian Navy. And just like any other required ship structure - from sea, raid and base minesweepers to amphibious landing craft.

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