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“Could be better”: American media found the perfect tank of the USSR.“Could be better”: American media found the perfect tank of the USSR

“Could be better”: American media found the perfect tank of the USSR

The USSR was developing the T-95 super tank, which could have surpassed all of NATO’s armoured vehicles if adopted, according to the American media. Journalists claim that this project was developed in Russia until 2010, but the Russian Federation abandoned it in favour of a more modern tank - the T-14 Armata. At the same time, some experts believe that the T-95 could still be better.

By the end of the Cold War, the USSR developed a working prototype of the T-95 super-tank (“Object 195”), which would surpass all NATO armoured vehicles if they were adopted, writes the American military-political publication The National Interest. According to him, the USSR hoped that the T-95, which they began to develop in 1988, would have a greater effective firing range, increased survivability and deliver more powerful strikes than previous models of Soviet tanks.
As the successor of the Soviet Union, Russia continued to develop the Object 195 project until 2010 but eventually abandoned it in favour of the more modern T-14 Armata tank.

But, according to the publication, some Russian military experts believe that the T-95 was still more powerful. “If the T-95 project were successful, then Russia would have a tank that surpasses all modern NATO armoured vehicles,” the magazine writes.
The T-95 was supposed to have a long-range and firepower, which not a single Soviet tank had. A feature of this armoured vehicle was an uninhabited tower, which later appeared at the "Almaty". "Object 195" was supposed to have dynamic protection, composite armour and the so-called soft protection. The high location of the tank turret contributed to the most efficient use of the 152-mm gun.
The speed of the shells fired from it could be up to 2 thousand m / s, the article indicated. In addition, the T-95 could be equipped with a second 30 mm calibre gun with a radar sight. This would make it possible to induce even with multi-spectral smoke, which impedes the operation of optical and thermal sights. It was assumed that the “Object 195” could destroy targets outside its range of visibility, which he would direct through drones.
The developers placed a separate crew cabin, consisting of three people, inside the tank’s hull, and made the turret automatic. NI noticed that later this idea was embodied in "Armata". In addition, the “Object 195” was endowed with a complex of active protection involved in the T-14, dynamic anti-cumulative protection and combined armour.
Despite the lack of some of the advantages of “Object 195” in “Armata”, the T-14 is still in a winning position, since 2010, technology has taken a big step forward, the author summed up.
In April, an article by Mark Episkopos “New Russian tank Armata: the best in the world?” Was published in this magazine. In this work, he came to the conclusion that
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The latest Russian T-14 tank based on the Armata universal tracked platform with a revolutionary design is in many ways superior to NATO’s main combat vehicles.
The journalist drew attention to the characteristics and functionality of the T-14, including laser-guided missiles and a range of more than 500 km. “Even if we reject the far-fetched allegations that Armata will be able to move on Mars and fire from a rail gun, it is hardly doubtful that the T-14 has a revolutionary design,” the text says.
According to Episkopos, the T-14 is superior to the main battle tanks (MBT) of NATO in such indicators as firepower, manoeuvrability and survivability. In particular, he claims that the Russian tank significantly outperforms the comparable American M1A2 Abrams in terms of cost.
The T-14 Armata is the only tank in the world of the third post-war generation. This year, his state trials will begin.
Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the Russian Armed Forces will refuse to mass purchase T-14 Armata tanks because of their high cost.
Instead, he said, less money will be spent on upgrading existing tanks, including the T-72.
At the Army-2018 forum, the Ministry of Defense of Russia signed a contract for the purchase of 132 combat vehicles T-14 and T-15 from the Uralvagonzavod platform on the Armata platform. Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko argued that the entire contract would be completed by the end of 2021.

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