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'Father of India': Why Donald Trump calls Narendra Modi

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United State President Donald Trump has called him the 'Father of India' after meeting Indian 'Father of India': Why Donald Trump calls Narendra Modi

'Father of India': Why Donald Trump calls Narendra Modi

Donald Trump also mentioned the event in Houston. He said that people were excited to see Narendra Modi at the event.

Trump said: 'They love this person so much. People were going crazy. Narendra Modi is like American rock star Elvis Presley. It looked like the Elves were back. '
At a joint press conference with reporters after the formal meeting of the two leaders in New York on Tuesday, the US president said: 'I remember what India (before Modi) was like. There was division, there was turmoil, they united everyone. As a father does. He is probably the Father of India. We will call them Father of India. '
President Trump said that he has a lot of respect for Narendra Modi and he loves him very much.
According to Trump, Narendra Modi has given a clear message to Pakistan on the issue of extremism and he is confident that he is capable of dealing with the situation.
Trump said he was confident the two men (Modi and Imran) would meet and find a solution. "If the two are combined, something good will surely come out."

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Ovoid questions related to Pakistan

On the other hand, President Trump has twice avoided the question of extremism in Pakistan.
A journalist asked how do you see Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement in which he said that ISI had trained al-Qaeda? In response, Trump said he had not heard the statement. With that, he said, "I know your Prime Minister will see it."
Donald Trump said of Kashmir that it would be great if the two leaders (Modi and Imran) work together to find a solution to the Kashmir issue. "That's what we all want."
The US President said he had also met Imran Khan and during this time many issues were discussed between the two.
One day earlier, Trump had also met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He then said that Narendra Modi had made a very aggressive statement in Howdy Modi's program in Houston.
Without naming Pakistan in the Howdy Modi program, Narendra Modi said, "They are worried about India's (Kashmir) decisions that their country is not handling. These are the 

Trade Agreement Vol

Donald Trump said a trade agreement could be signed with India soon and negotiations are underway.
He said: 'There may be a big deal later, but a trade agreement is going to be signed between the two countries soon.'
Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Modi said that the MoU in the energy sector was ready to invest $ 2.5 billion in Houston.
He said: 'It will result in a trade of $ 60 billion in the next few decades and create jobs for 50,000 people. This is a big step in India.
After the meeting with Modi and Trump, India's Secretary of State Vijay Gokhale held a press conference.
He said, "India is not reluctant to talk to Pakistan. We will talk to Pakistan if they take any 

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