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Hezbollah attacked Israel military position with a missile

Hezbollah attacked Israel military position with a missile, Smoke is rising from Israeli military positions around Avivim on the border with Lebanon. Hizbollah fulfilled their claims that Hizballah will take revenge on Israel aggression in Lebanon

Hezbollah attacked Israel military position with a missile

Israel Defense Force is now deploying its units to border with Lebanon & Syria in-order to be ready to confront Hezbollah's incoming terror operation. Here, the M109A5 Howitzers of 282nd "Golan" Artillery Regiment can be seen on their ways to border an hour ago.

An anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon in a border village in Israel. This is reported by the Israeli military, reports RIA Novosti.
It is noted that the village of Avivim was hit.
Information about the victims is not specified.
It is explained that after the incident, the Israeli military ordered the printing of bomb shelters in settlements up to four kilometres from the border.
It was previously reported that the Lebanese president called the Israeli drones attacks “a declaration of war. 
Israeli media says anti-tank missile hit a military vehicle, but the soldier's manager to get out before the missile hit #Israel Lebanon

The video showing how Hezbollah fighters targeted IDF Israel vehicle in Avivim Lebanon

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Preliminary the report indicates that anti-tank missile struck military vehicles, but the soldiers apparently managed to get out of the vehicle before the attack

Video from the incident (the man in the video says he sees smoke between Kibbutz Bara'am and Yiron), IDF responding by firing mortars

Israel defence forces IDF started artillery shelling towards Lebanon in retaliation of Hizbollah missile attack. IDF targeted the village of Maroun al-Ras Lebanon

Lebanese-Hezbollah claimed the attack saying they targeted and destroyed an Israeli military vehicle near Avivim settlement killing and injuring all soldiers inside it.

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