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Mahatma Gandhi: What is the Last word on Kashmir Issue

Azadi was standing at the door but the door was still closed. Jawaharlal and Sardar Patel were engaged in planning the integration of princely states. Mahatma Gandhi: What is the Last word on Kashmir

Mahatma Gandhi: What is the Last word on Kashmir

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, the young leader there, was fighting against the monarchy and was with the Congress. He was close to Jawaharlal.

Due to local agitation, Maharaja Hari Singh put him in jail, then angry Jawaharlal reached Kashmir to retaliate. The king also arrested them in his own guesthouse. In this way, Jawaharlal became an inflammatory red flag for the Maharaja.
Now, when both partition and freedom had come, then who should go there, who should also work as an ointment and awaken the conscience? Mountbatten Sir proposed: Can we request Bapuji to go there?
The princely states were talking about merging India with the tricks and conditions of the variety. The more states, the more tricks.
On the other hand, there was another trick which was running the imperialist forces. Its reins were going out of England's hands and were now going towards America.
The focus of these forces was on which side of the loincloth of the fleeing ghost should be in its hands that it would be convenient to maintain its interference in the politics of Asia and keep an eye on India going to be free.
Pakistan was already being formed, Kashmir was also suitable for this strategy. From 1881 onwards imperialism was weaving its web. Now its documents are being received. Kashmir, therefore, became important.
Just 14 days before independence, Mahatma Gandhi reached Kashmir for the first and last time on the inaccessible route to Rawalpindi. Before leaving, he told himself in the prayer meeting of 29 July 1947 that he was going to Kashmir.
He said, "I am not going to explain that Kashmir should remain in India. That decision will be made by the people of Kashmir, not me or the Maharaja. Kashmir is also a Maharaja, it is also a ryot. But even if the king dies tomorrow So it will be. She will decide her Kashmir. "
Mahatma Gandhi reached Kashmir on 1 August 1947. In the years that followed, the gathering of people in the valley was not seen as it had accumulated every day. There was no place to sit on the bridge of the river Jhelum.
Gandhi's car could not enter Srinagar by a bridge. They were taken out of the car and boarded in a boat and brought to the city by the river.
The Kashmiri people who came from far and wide were getting satisfied by seeing glimpses of them from here and there and said, "Enough, Pir appeared!"
Sheikh Abdullah was in jail then. A reception of Bapu was organized by the Maharaja in his palace, while the second reception of Bapu was organized by Begum Akbar Jahan Abdullah.
Maharaja Hari Singh, Maharani Tara Devi and Prince Karan Singh came out of the palace and received them.
There is no specific address for their conversation, but Bapu spoke openly at the reception of Begum Akbar Jahan.
He said, "The real king of this princely state is the people here. If he decides to go to Pakistan, then no power in the world can stop him. But how will you take public opinion? You need to create an atmosphere to get his opinion." No. He can give his opinion with ease and freedom, it has to be made Kashmir. You cannot take his opinion by attacking him, burning his village and house. People should say that we are Muslims but want to stay Does not stop him any power in India. If Pakistan can enter here should stop their sovereignty baking. Do not stop there will be blame on the same. "

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When Gandhi supported the military campaign for Kashmir

This was India's first declared official role about Kashmir. Gandhiji was not a spokesman for the government, because the government of independent India was not yet formally formed. But he was the father of the values ​​of Indian freedom struggle and the biggest official spokesman of the role of independent India, how could anyone deny it?

Gandhiji's visit bound Kashmir to such a point of confidence that the result was seen in the release of Sheikh Abdullah, in his declaration to remain with India, in a campaign to separate Kashmiri Muslims from Pakistan.
The trinity of Jawaharlal-Sardar Patel-Sheikh Abdullah got the basis of Gandhiji and further that story was written which the government is trying to erase by rubbing and wiping. Those who did nothing to make, are announcing a succession of erasures!
We should also remember that Mahatma Gandhi supported that military campaign when Pakistan wanted to annex Kashmir on the strength of military power and the Indian government confronted it.

Who will decide on Kashmir?

Gandhi then cleared India's position.

He said, "Congress has always been against the monarchy. Whether it is from England or here. Sheikh Abdullah talks about democracy, we fight it. We are with him. He should leave from jail and talk to him A way forward should be found. People here will decide about Kashmir.
Then Gandhiji also clarifies what he means by 'people here'.
He said, "By people here I mean Muslims here, Hindus here, Kashmiri Pandits, Dogra people and Sikhs here."

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