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Modi or Imran Khan, whom did Donald Trump benefit?

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Lawrence Kudlow, an assistant in the economic policy of US President Donald Trump and director of the National Economic Council, has said,.Narendra Modi or Imran Khan, whom did Donald Trump benefit?

Modi or Imran Khan, whom did Donald Trump benefit?

Both India and Pakistan were engaged in a childish fight to get equal attention in front of America. They should pay attention to Kudlow's statement.

Whether it is the meeting of Narendra Modi and Donald Trump or the meeting of Imran Khan and Trump, the conclusion of both is that Trump won the match.
Donald Trump received the most attention in the 'monkey-sharing' of India and Pakistan. He neither accepted anything from India nor did he give any relaxation to Pakistan.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech to invest American companies in India was also not successful and India failed to make a trade deal.
Why Naka India in?
The Modi government had reduced the prices of medical devices (stents, knee implants, dialysis machines) before the general elections, which the United States is very concerned about.
America believes that this step is an intervention in the market system and if this happens in other areas also, what will happen next?
Narendra Modi during his speech had pointed out that the cost of data transmission in India is very low, which will make it beneficial for American companies to do business in India.
But the US government believes that Indian investors rely more on government-controlled subsidies because government-directed data transmission policies discourage foreign investors from setting up businesses.
There is a lot of control over the expansion of data in India because India does not want China to take advantage of lower tariffs. Therefore, the irony is that on the basis of the same logic that Modi gave to attract American companies for investment, American companies avoid investing.
Restoration of access to Indian products to US markets was also an important issue under the 'Generalized System of Preferences'. The US withdrew GSP status from India in June.

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What does India want?
India wants its identity to continue as a developing country and at the same time, it wants it to be given more priority.
Apart from this, India wants that it should be given facilities in the processes adopted in the agricultural produce markets. However, it still has many facilities (such as easy certification of food product radiation facilities) and is higher in some agricultural markets.
These products also include grapes and pomegranates. If the Modi government allows the arrival of American grapes and pomegranates in India, then what will happen to those farmers in Maharashtra who grow pomegranates and grapes?
So Narendra Modi and his administration can be happy knowing that he has been given the title of 'Elvis Presley' and 'Father of India'.
He can also be happy to know that Pakistan too did not get anything from the US and kept beating every step.
But here the concessions that India has given to America should be taken care of.
Those investing in India now and in the future have been given a huge exemption in corporation tax and Donald Trump has been crowned the next US President. But India did not get anything special in return for this "investment".

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