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Muhammad bin Salman. The attack on Saudi installations was a folly .

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Saudi Arabia's Wali Eid Mohammed bin Salman has warned that after the recent attacks on Saudi oil installations, oil prices could rise "incredibly". Muhammad bin Salman. The attack on Saudi installations was a folly.

Muhammad bin Salman. The attack on Saudi installations was a folly .

He said this in an interview in 60 minutes on the CBS program.
In this interview, he once again denied any direct involvement in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashkaji, who was murdered in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul last year, but said he would accept full responsibility for the killing as a Saudi leader. Are.

Talking about Iran, Mohammed bin Salman said, "If the world does not take strong and comprehensive measures to stop Iran, further attacks could hamper the supply of oil and lead to lower oil prices." The certainty can be increased (an increase) that we have never seen in our lives. '
It is to be noted that the attacks on Saudi oil company 'Aramco' installations in Baqiq and Kharis areas in Saudi Arabia this month also affected the world's largest oil refinery.
Iranian-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks in Yemen. Saudi Arabia and the United States, on the other hand, blamed Iran for the attacks, while Iran denied allegations of involvement in the attacks.
Mohammed bin Salman criticized Iran for harsh words and called drone attacks on Saudi oil installations a 'foolishness'.
He said, 'To me it was foolishness. They had no strategic purpose. No fool will attack the world's five per cent oil supply. Their purpose is to prove themselves foolish, and they did. '
He also said he disagreed with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement in which he said that what Iran has done is a "war movie".
Referring to retaliatory action against Iran, however, Mohammed bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia's war with Iran would be equivalent to 'destruction of the world economy'. "They want a political solution to the attacks on oil installations," he said.

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No journalist deserves to be brutally murdered'

In his interview, Saudi Wali Ahad denied that he had ordered the Saudi authorities to kill journalist Jamal Khashkaji a year ago.
However, he said that he, as the leader, takes full responsibility for the murder.
The Saudi prince is alleged to have personally targeted Jamal Khashqji because he criticized the Saudi government.
Jamal Khashikaji was assassinated at the Saudi Consulate in October last year. However, Mohammed bin Salman claims that he was completely unaware of the operation.
Talking about this, he said, 'This was a serious crime. I take full responsibility for being a leader of Saudi Arabia, especially because of the crime committed by those who worked for the Saudi government. '
Mohammed bin Salman promised that the inquiry in this regard would be carried out with utmost importance. However, it is worth noting that his former colleague Al-Qahatani has not been investigated in this regard.
"When a crime is committed by a government official against a Saudi citizen, I must accept responsibility as a leader," he said. It was a mistake. And I have to take every possible step in this regard to avoid such a situation in the future. '

Muhammad bin Salman. The attack on Saudi installations was a folly .
Mohammad Bin Salman also said that some people think that I should know what 3 million people working for the Saudi government do daily. It is impossible that I will send the reports of three million people daily to the Saudi government leader or guardian.

He said that if the CIA had come to the conclusion that I had personally targeted Khashikaji, the evidence should have been brought to light.
'I hope any such information will be revealed. If there is any information that accuses me, they should be brought out. '
He said that no journalist deserves to be brutally murdered.
"We are not in danger of being a journalist. The threat to Saudi Arabia is due to the actions taken by Saudi journalists. This is a serious crime committed in the Saudi consulate. '
The Saudi prince defended his record of human rights and said in a question regarding the detention of women rights activists, saying that he would personally investigate allegations of violence in this regard.

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