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New supplies: Turkey received a second S-400 battery

The second stage of deliveries of Russian S-400 air defense systems to Turkey has been completed. New supplies: Turkey received a second S-400 battery

New supplies: Turkey received a second S-400 battery

The second stage of deliveries of Russian S-400 air defense systems to Turkey has been completed, the Turkish Defense Ministry said. Battery components were delivered to Myrtle Air Base in Ankara Province. Now the training of personnel and the installation of missile systems continues - they should be put into effect by mid-spring next year.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced that the second phase of the supply of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems has come to an end. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the department.

"Today, the delivery of the components of the second S-400 air defense missile system, launched on August 27, to the Myurt airbase in Ankara province has ended," the statement said.
ZRS staff continues to undergo training. Work is underway to install equipment and weapons. It is expected that the S-400 will begin combat duty in Turkey in April 2020.
At the disposal of "Website" was also a press release of the Russian Ministry of Defense. It says that the S-400 aircraft were delivered to Turkey by Russian military transport aircraft.

“The delivery of components of the ZRS-400 to Turkey is carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded with the Turkish side and within the terms agreed upon by the parties,” the military department of the Russian Federation emphasized.
Last spring, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said that Russia had offered better terms for a deal on anti-aircraft missile systems than the United States with their Patriot air defense systems. He stressed that Ankara has completed the acquisition of S-400 and continues to pay on it. Erdogan added that US arguments regarding the purchase of Russian S-400s are "wrong."
S-400 Triumph is a medium and long-range Russian anti-aircraft missile system developed in the nineties, designed to intercept any aerial targets, destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles. According to the NATO classification, this system is called "Grumbler." In addition to targets in the sky, the S-400 can be used against ground targets and armoured vehicles.
The range of the Russian air defense system reaches 400 km, and with the connection of extraordinary modules, the S-400 can hit targets at a distance of up to 600 km - if they fly at an altitude of up to 30 km.
Earlier, Washington threatened its allies with sanctions if they decide to buy Russian missile systems. Such a statement in August last year was made by an official representative of the US State Department, Heather Nauert. She emphasized that anti-aircraft missile systems created in the Russian Federation are incompatible with American combat systems. In addition, the United States fears that the Russian military may break into NATO’s security system by launching a virus into the Turkish S-400.
It is the S-400 that the British military considers the most formidable Russian weapons. According to NSN, the assistant to the potential and combat readiness of the chief of staff of the Royal Air Force, Julian Ball, said that he doubts the ability of the British defense industry to give an adequate response to the S-400. The ball is convinced that his country should introduce artificial intelligence and come up with promising new weapons.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in early September that Turkey is reliably protected after the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, FAN reports.
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“I think that after Turkey is now reliably protected from the sky after the acquisition of the S-400, then, of course, Turkey’s work in this format would also be relevant and appropriate, bearing in mind its role in international affairs and in the region,” - emphasized the Russian leader.
The influential American newspaper The Washington Post in mid-July published an article in which Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 is assessed as "a signal of Ankara’s readiness to leave NATO."
This is not the first time that Turkey has used the acquisition of weapons to ensure its independence from the North Atlantic Alliance, the publication said. American journalists recalled that in 2013, Ankara intended to acquire FT-2000 missile systems from China.
US senators took the deal as evidence of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s commitment to partner with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to the detriment of the country's security and economic prosperity and the integrity of the alliance. According to one expert, the deal is a political statement that the United States does not have hegemony and control over the bloc’s members, especially Turkey. The article also emphasizes that the exclusion of Ankara from the program for the American stealth fighter F-35 could bring it closer to Russia.

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