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Onyx hit the target: firing took place in Chukotka

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The Onyx supersonic anti-ship cruise missile was tested in Chukotka. The shooting was carried out using the coastal complex "Bastion" of the Pacific Fleet. Onyx hit the target: firing took place in Chukotka

Onyx hit the target: firing took place in Chukotka

The Onyx supersonic anti-ship cruise missile was tested in Chukotka. The shooting was carried out using the coastal complex "Bastion" of the Pacific Fleet. The missile successfully hit the target - a conditional enemy located more than 200 km from the coast.

The launch frames of the Onyx supersonic cruise missile, designed to fight ships, were published by the Zvezda television channel. Shooting successfully passed in Chukotka.
The missile was first tested using the coastal complex "Bastion" of the Pacific Fleet of Russia.
It is reported that the flight went smoothly - a missile successfully hit a target located 200 km from the coast in the waters of the Chukchi Sea. The safety of the exercises was provided by about ten Pacific Fleet warships and naval aircraft. Equipment and military personnel were delivered to the training site on the landing ship.

On the eve of the NSN reported that in Russia they created a sea-based cruise missile "Onyx-M" with a maximum firing range of up to 800 km. The control system is designed with increased accuracy in the destruction of sea and ground targets.
The rocket was developed by the Russian military-industrial corporation NPO Mashinostroyeniya, sources in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation said. The new rocket is protected from electronic warfare.
Mikhail Alexandrov, a leading military expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO, said in a conversation with the FAN that the US military has nothing to oppose to Russian hypersonic missiles - in particular, Onyx
“The Americans do not have systems capable of intercepting Russian ballistic missiles. If we talk about tactical sea-based missiles, then
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we have Onyx-type missiles that are capable of hitting American aircraft carriers. These missiles are supersonic. If we take Russian Zircon-type missiles, then the USA does not have systems capable of intercepting them, and they will not appear for a long time. We also have dagger-type missiles, ”the specialist said.
“Dagger” is one of the revolutionary hypersonic combat systems introduced on March 1, 2018, by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an address to the Federal Assembly. The President, among other things, spoke about the tests of the latest avant-garde hypersonic missile system with a planning winged block. The complex can move in dense layers of the atmosphere with a hypersonic speed of more than 20 Machs (about 24.5 thousand km / h).
While moving toward the goal, the Vanguard carries out deep manoeuvring, both lateral and high-altitude. This makes it invulnerable to missile defense systems and air defense installations, even layered.
The presentation of weapons by Putin caused a huge resonance in Russia and the world, and the US armed forces recognized that they currently have no protection against hypersonic weapons. At the same time, a year later, on February 20, 2019, Putin in his message announced the latest Zircon hypersonic missile.
“Here we are going to talk quietly about what we have there in the storeroom. So, about another promising new product, work on which is progressing successfully, and will certainly be completed by the scheduled time, namely, I want to say about the Zircon hypersonic missile, the president said. Putin noted that the speed of Zircon reaches 9 Mach numbers, it is capable of hitting targets at a distance of more than 1000 km.
The President added that serial production of the Avangard hypersonic complex and the fifth-generation Sarmat mine complex began. Putin emphasized that the latest Peresvet laser system and the Dagger hypersonic aircraft complex have proven effective, and the Burevestnik intercontinental cruise nuclear missile and the Poseidon deep-sea unmanned vehicle are successfully tested.
In September, Putin announced that he was offering US President Donald Trump to purchase supersonic weapons from Russia.
Subsequently, the representative of Washington said that the American authorities have no particular reason to consider buying hypersonic weapons from Russia. He also stressed that the United States has an advantage over Russia in the development and testing of rocket technology.

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