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Student Life : How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Every day, hundreds of children come to a tuition centre and study in Charar-i-Sharief in India-administered Kashmir. Student Life: How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Student Life : How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir

This tuition centre has been opened by some local youth and they are voluntarily teaching in it.

Anjar Hussain of class 10 is coming to study at this tuition centre some time ago.
He says, "Whatever happened on August 5, we did not know what to do next. All methods of contact were discontinued. The number of security forces was increased. We could not go out. Every Friday there was stone-pelting. Meanwhile, our Sir Irfan Ahmed told about this tuition. This tuition centre was a short distance from the main city. We felt safe to come here. ''
"There have been many changes in me since I started studying here. Before this tuition, I was sitting at home and was disappointed. I used to think that I have become a burden. We come here so that we can finish our slabs.
Anjar Hussain says, "Like me, there is a lot of pressure on other students. If I did not come to this tuition center, it was not possible for me to finish the slabs. I thank Irfan sir for this.

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Aznar told that Sir Irfan Ahmed lives in the same city and he informed from house to house about this tuition.

Anjar said, "Whatever is happening in Kashmir will have a direct impact on our future. If the series of strikes is not stopped, how will we give our examinations? If we do not take the exam then one year of our school will be wasted.
After the removal of Article 370 from the Government of India on Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019, there is an atmosphere of tension in the area. Article 370 gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Since then, communication facilities in Kashmir have been disrupted, curfews and restrictions have been imposed and schools, colleges and shops have been closed.

After the withdrawal of special status from Jammu and Kashmir, it has been divided into Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Earlier, the area of ​​Ladakh was part of Jammu and Kashmir.
Irfan Ahmed, who started the image caption tuition center
Irfan Ahmed, who started the image caption tuition center
Irfan Ahmed, 36, who started the tuition centre, says it was not easy to start.

He told the BBC, "I and some of my colleagues thought that the children of this city are unable to read and are sitting at home, so why not teach them." Children's education has been affected for more than a month.

"We also felt that due to the introduction of tuition in the present situation of Kashmir, there could be some problem. However, in the end we decided to teach intuition. We thought that if we do not teach them, then it may have a bad effect on them being vacant and this can affect the coming generations.

He said, "Initially some children used to come to my house for tuition but when the number of children increased, I arranged tuition at another place with the help of my colleagues. Everyone, including parents of children, supports this effort of ours. We do not charge any fee for this. I am happy that the results of what we are doing have started coming. ''

Student Life : How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir
When asked that what he did not feel any fear while taking this initiative, Irfan said, "After a few days the restrictions subsided and movement started, I went to the children's house and asked them to come to the tuition centre." . But, when we look at the current conditions, we do not know what will happen in the next 10 minutes when we leave the house every morning. There is always this kind of danger.
"We also feel that there can be protests from anywhere and then how will the security forces take action." Our first priority is the safety of children. At the time of arrival of children in the morning, we stand outside the tuition center and wait for them. Then they are taken to their class. ''
All the schools and colleges in the valley are closed from August 5, 2019. However, the government has announced the opening of primary, middle and high schools several times but, not even a child went to school.
To know the reality, Bibis team went to many schools in the last 45 days, but all the schools were closed and there was not a single student or teacher in the school.
The government has repeatedly said that many teachers have started coming to schools and the attendance of students is also getting better.

Student Life : How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir
Riba Tariq also goes to tuition.
Riba Tariq, another 10th student coming to the same tuition center, tells about the days when she was sitting at home for a month. He told what changed after coming to the tuition center.
She says, "We were upset at home. When we came here, we breathed a sigh of relief. And when we are talking to each other here, we feel good. Here we are our friends and others When we met the students, we shared our experiences after August 5. "
"First of all, we talked about the day of August 5 and told each other that we did not know a day before what was going to happen the next day. And we talked about every day."
She says that some changes are taking place after coming here. The atmosphere of the house was tense which has now changed.

Student Life : How Student Survives in Indian Occupied Kashmir
Ikra studying in 10th standard is 10 km from village tuition. is far.
When asked why she is not going to the school despite the government's announcement of opening the school, she replied, "There is no transport facility and the students of the college who come from far away also have no means to come. So it was not possible to go to school. And the same situation was with our teachers. "
She says, "As far as parents are concerned, they don't want to put their children's lives in danger." They tell us not to go to school.
Ikara, studying in class 10, comes from a village which according to him is 10 km from the tuition center. Is at a distance of.
"They have a lot of problems reaching the tuition center," says Iqra. Sometimes they do not even get a car to come and they come on foot. I always fear that something bad may happen to me and this fear affects my studies. ''

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