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Taliban attacked Kunduz city in northern Afghanistan

Militants of the Taliban-banned terrorist organization in Russia attacked the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Government forces say they managed to repel the attack. However, this information is not true, there are street fights in the city.

Taliban attacked Kunduz city in northern Afghanistan

The attack on Kunduz began tonight. Hundreds of militants entered the city under cover of night darkness and attacked the objects of the security forces. Fighting broke out in the area of ​​several police stations, both sides suffered casualties by the wounded.

By morning, the Taliban managed to capture several police stations. Government forces announced the repulsion of the attack by militants and the destruction of 15 terrorists. However, this information is not true. On the contrary, the Taliban captured several military and police officers. They managed to take control of the local hospital. Islamist trophies were a large number of weapons and several cars.

At the moment, fighting in the city continues. Armoured vehicles are displayed on the streets. Fighting planes and helicopters fly over the city. The Taliban managed to take control of the local hospital, but the security forces managed to keep the local administration building. In general, the city centre is under the control of government forces. In Kunduz, mobile communications stopped working.

30 armour vehicles were destroyed by Taliban

Most likely, after the transfer of reinforcements to the Kunduz region, the Taliban simply left the city, as it was already more than once during raids on this provincial center. Probably now the Taliban has launched another raid to capture trophies and prisoners, after which it plans to take its militants to areas under its control in rural areas. The Taliban have no strength for a long confrontation with a regular army equipped with artillery and aviation and prefer tactics of guerrilla warfare.
Recall that since 2001, an operation led by the United States-led international coalition against militants of the Taliban-banned terrorist organization in Russia has been ongoing in Afghanistan. At the moment, the bulk of the NATO contingent has left the country. Taliban wage guerrilla warfare throughout Afghanistan. According to some reports, they actually control up to 70 percent of the country's territory.

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