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Trump Leaks: Who listens Phone call and why information is hidden

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A whistleblower in the US has accused the information related to a phone call made by President Donald Trump. Trump Leaks: Who listens to a Phone call and why information is hidden

Trump Leaks: Who listens Phone call and why information is hidden

The whistleblower says that this was a sign of danger because it shows that White House officials were not only aware of this call politically sensitive but were also trying to hide this information from others in the US government.

Since then, there has been a discussion in the United States about how phone calls made by the President to the leader of another country are monitored and how and why the details of the conversation are hidden.
Whistleblower, an American intelligence officer, felt that a written copy of the phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine's President, Volodymyr Zelensky, was kept in a confidential electronic location. They believed that this was done not because of the reasons related to the security of the nation, but for political reasons.
According to the complaint, the primary transcript of this phone call was first kept confidential under the 'Secret' category and then it was classified as 'Top Secret' so that it had to get permission from top officials to read it.
Critics of Trump say that through this call, Trump tried to convince the President of Ukraine to launch an investigation against his predecessor (potential candidate for the post of President) Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Political interests. Critics also say that the president's aides were trying to hide this conversation.
However, President Trump and his aides denounce these allegations and say that there was nothing different or unusual in saving the transcript of the phone call.
So was all this done under normal procedure?

Was the correct procedure adopted in this case

Kudlow and other advisers to the president say that there was no such thing in the disputed phone call and nothing was too different about the transcript. They do not agree with the whistleblower.
But others say that this phone call from the President and then taking a lot of confidentiality about his transcript shows that this is an abuse of the powers of the President.
Brett Bruen, an officer who worked in the White House during the Obama administration, says, "For security, the system of classified information in a confidential manner is to save people's lives. If it is suddenly used for the president's political interests If felt, the reliability of the National Security Classification System will not remain. "
Miller says that to protect the political prospects of his boss, making the transcript of phone calls 'secret' is like hollowing out the entire system.
He says, "Those who work in the White House take the oath of the constitution, not the president. Your first loyalty should be to the country and not to anyone."
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Top Secret ' is described as a transcript of what happens
If a copy of a conversation gets the seal of 'Top Secret', then it means that people in the top positions in the US government can see it only after getting special permission.
A former official explains, "These copies are shared through a system called Jwics. Jwics means the joint worldwide intelligence communications system. This is a network used by people working in intelligence systems. . "
These files are kept in a place which is confidential but not much security is made for them.
If a transcript is kept as 'secret' instead of 'top secret', then it means that the officials can discuss them a little more easily with other people in the government.
Who listens to Col Number?
Traditionally, officials of the US National Security Council (NSC) inform the President before speaking to a foreign leader. Then, at the time when the foreign leader is being talked to, these same officials who provide information are sitting with the President at the Oval Office. According to USA Today, at least two NSC officers are present during this period.
During this time, some other officials are also sitting in a safe room in another part of the White House and they are listening to the President and taking notes. His notes are called "Memorandum of Telephone Conversions" and the short word mention (mention) is used for this.
Later, the President's talk on the phone to foreign leaders is converted into transcripts written through computers.
A former White House official says that the transcripts recorded on the computer are matched to notes noted by other employees themselves. Then these two are combined into one document. This written copy may not be very accurate, but still it is prepared very carefully according to the resources available at that time.
According to the whistleblower complaint, about a dozen people were listening to Zelenski and Trump's phone calls.
According to a former NSC official, since Trump has become president, briefing is done hastily before phone calls are made by people with different levels of expertise. He says that many times he was asked to listen to the call at the last moment.

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