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Trump's Ukrainian counterpart: White House releases phone call details to US

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The Trump administration has released details of the phone call that is the basis of a Trump's Ukrainian counterpart: White House releases phone call details to the US

In his speech, the US president also said, "Another thing that is happening a lot about Biden's son is that Biden stopped the trial and many people want to know the real facts." So whatever you can do with the United States Attorney General, that would be great. '

"Biden has been saying that if he stops the case, you can look into the matter." It looked awful to me. '
In response to Donald Trump, Zielinski says, "We will take care of that and work on investigating the case."
Thanking the US president, Zielinski tells them that during his last visit to the United States, he was staying at the Trump Tower in New York. '
In this phone call, the US President also advises Ukrainian President Zelinsky to work closely with US Attorney General William Barr and Trump's personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani on the issue.
However, the Justice Department said on Wednesday that Trump did not talk to the Attorney General about this, nor did Mr Barr have any discussions with Ukraine on the matter.
US President Trump and his allies believe that in 2016, US Vice President Joe Biden lobbied with Ukraine to oust Mr Shokin.
Mr Shokin ordered an inquiry against a Ukrainian natural gas company in which Hunter Biden, son of Biden, was serving as director. Other western authorities, however, believe that the mourners were dismissed for adopting a soft policy on corruption.
The telephone call has come under intense reaction from Democrats, and the United States Democrat Party has launched an investigation into Donald Trump's motives.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, denounced any illegal move, calling the effort a 'bug hunt' or harassment.

Trump's Ukrainian counterpart: White House releases phone call details to US

In a half-hour phone call in July, Donald Trump asked the president of Ukraine to review allegations of Biden's son's corruption, according to White House details.
It should be noted that Biden is on the run to become the Democrat candidate who contested President Trump in the 2020 election.
According to the phone call details, Trump spoke to Ukraine's newly elected President Vladimir Zielinski about the removal of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin in 2016.

The US president said, "I heard you had a prosecutor who was very good and was fired, which is very unfair."

"A lot of people are talking about how a good prosecutor was fired and there are a lot of bad guys involved."

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 Is it possible for a US president to be elected?

In the United States, a president's "prosecution" means bringing charges against him to Congress that could form the basis of a lawsuit. The filing process begins with the House of Representatives and requires a simple majority for approval. His case goes to the Senate.
Although Democrats have strong support for Trump's motion, the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to approve it.
To date, only two US presidents have been elected, including Bill Clinton (1998) and Andrew Johnson (1868).

What caused the inquiry?

In recent days, President Trump's alleged investigation of corruption charges against the Biden family over his Ukrainian counterpart has been a hot topic.
It is not yet known who filed the complaint but it is known that it was filed on August 12. Two-and-a-half weeks before the complaint was filed, President Trump had spoken to his Ukrainian counterpart over the phone.
The newspaper Washington Post quoted two senior US officials claiming that an American intelligence official working in the White House found a foreign leader and a "promise" of President Trump that they were so worried. Complained to the inspector general of
Last week it was revealed that the Trump administration was preventing the complaint from reaching Congress, despite the fact that the Inspector General of Intelligence found it to be an "urgent matter."

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