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Who is closer to Trump: Modi or Imran? India battles Pakistan

Is going to a meeting of the Prime Minister of India greater than the warmth of meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan? Who is closer to Trump: Modi or Imran? India battles Pakistan

Donald Trump with Narendra Modi and Imran KhanImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
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This progress has definitely amazed a large number of people on social media in India. The day before, many of them presented the joint rally of President Trump and Prime Minister Modi as another victory against Pakistan.

Imran Khan's memes were made on social media accounts of many Indians in which he was disappointed and called the Texas rally another 'surgical strike' against Pakistan.
But after the meeting of Imran Khan and Donald Trump, the situation definitely changed. Many social media users in Pakistan started writing a message in praise of Imran Khan and also responded strongly to the people of India. Hashtags like this one started:
ManOfPeaceImranKhan #ImranKhanDoctrine #Imrankhanforpeace #
India journalist Rohani Singh tweeted, "We held a rally for Trump, chanted slogans for his party, supported his re-election, angered the Democrats, it was only because he was Imran Khan and Appreciate Pakistan's anti-terror efforts?
Donald Trump's meeting with the Prime Minister of India and Pakistan.
Attending a rally in the US state of Texas with the Prime Minister of India, President Trump accused Pakistan of providing shelter to invaders in India and the United States.
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One day after that, he declared himself a 'friend' of Pakistan.
He also called Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan a 'great leader'. He also said that he has many Pakistani friends and also avoided directly answering a question about India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegations against Pakistan. “Terrorists are actually Iran

Indian journalist M Siddiqui tweeted that President Trump was "clearly talking to India and Pakistan about what he wanted to hear, and the real focus of his talks was the US military and interests in Afghanistan."
Another Indian journalist, Shekhar Gupta, said: “Trump is doing what he does. They want a trade agreement from India and help Pakistan from Afghanistan. And they also want the Nobel Prize. They do not care about these two countries or their leaders. He, however, said that in his view, India would be the name of Modi / Modi.

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