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Yemen: Video of Houthi rebels showing destroy the saudi arab convoy

Houthi rebels in Yemen have released footage in which they say there is a major attack on Saudi forces near the border between the two countries. Yemen: Video of Houthi rebels showing destroy the Saudi Arab convoy

A spokesman for the Houthi rebels claimed on Saturday that three Saudi military forces had surrendered near the Saudi town of Najran.

Saudi authorities, on the other hand, have not commented on the alleged attack.
The video shows an attack on armoured vehicles, but no military claim has been confirmed in the Houthi claim.
The Houthi spokesman, Colonel Yahya Sariya, accused Saturday that Saudi forces were "severely damaged in life and machinery", including its 'thousands' of soldiers.
The spokesman said that hostages will be paraded on Al-Masera TV in Houthi on Sunday.

video via = Voice of America
In the scenes that can be seen then burnt vehicles can be seen, while also holding weapons seized in the field. A group of people can also be seen in this video, but they are not dressed in military uniforms.
Addressing a press conference on Sunday, spokesman Col. Yahya Sariya said he could not say what the video was of. He added that for security reasons, he could not disclose further evidence of the attack.
Iran-backed Houthi rebels September 14 claimed responsibility for a drone attack on Saudi oil installations. The attack affected global oil prices.

What is the background?

Yemen has been in a state of war since 2015 when President Abdul Rabban Mansour Hadi was forced by the Houthis to flee the capital Sana'a.
Saudi Arabia supports President Hadi and is leading a coalition of regional countries against the rebels.
The coalition conducts daily airstrikes, while Houthi rebels often launch missile strikes in Saudi Arabia.
This civil war has led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Eighty per cent of Yemen's population, 24 million people, needs humanitarian assistance and protection. One of the hardest ones includes those who need food in aid so they can survive.
According to UN estimates, 70,000 people have been killed since 2016 due to war.

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