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399 Kurds killed: Turkey strikes Syria

Turkey fired at the Syrian city of Kobani in the fight against the Kurds, while the American military, based here, was not affected. 399 Kurds killed: Turkey strikes Syria

399 Kurds killed: Turkey strikes Syria

Turkey fired at the Syrian city of Kobani in the fight against the Kurds, while the American military, based here, was not affected. A day earlier, the head of the White House, Donald Trump, signed a decree allowing the introduction of sanctions that would cause huge damage to Turkey. French President Emmanuel Macron called on the United States to help end the military campaign in Syria.

The US military did not suffer or abandon its positions as a result of artillery shelling by Turkish troops of the vicinity of the city of Kobani in northern Syria on the night of October 12, the Pentagon commented.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Turkey reported that 399 militants of self-defence of the Supreme Kurdish Council (YPG) were killed as part of the Peaceful Spring military operation.

On Wednesday, October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of hostilities in Syria. The Turkish military is fighting against the Kurdistan Workers Party (Ankara considers it a terrorist group) and the Islamic State organization (IG, banned in Russia).
Ankara aims to clean the territories adjacent to the southern regions of Turkey from the Kurdish militia, to create a security zone with a length of up to 500 km and a depth of about 30 km, which will subsequently accommodate Syrian refugees. According to official figures, about 4 million Syrians are currently in Turkey.
On the same day, the Syrian state television channel Ikharabiya reported that the cities of Darbasia, Maliki a, Kamyshly in the province of Hasek and the cities of Tell Abyad and Ain Isa in the province of Rakka were hit by the Turkish military.
Aviation also damaged power lines supplying the Alluk water station, the Saffan Dam, north of Maliki a. In total, in the first hours of the offensive, Turkey fired at 181 targets, FAN reports.
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According to various sources, as a result of the operation, four to ten people have already died, among the victims, there may be women and children. What has been criticized by the West?
The head of the White House, Donald Trump, signed a decree allowing the Ministry of Finance to impose sanctions that would cause enormous damage to Turkey, said the head of the US Treasury Stephen Mnuchin, reports the NSN.
“These are very powerful sanctions. I hope we don’t have to use them. But we can overwhelm the Turkish economy if necessary, ”said the head of the American department.
The national currency of Turkey reacted to such news with lightning speed. An hour after Trump's statement, the Turkish lira sank by more than 3%, which was the biggest jump since the beginning of September.
French President Emmanuel Macron had a telephone conversation with Trump, during which he called on him to contribute to ending the military campaign in Syria. The French leader also stated the need for active cooperation with Washington to solve this problem.
Meanwhile, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will not stop the military operation in northern Syria, despite calls and even threats from other countries, including the United States.
“We are receiving threats from both the right and the left to stop this operation,” he said.
The head of Turkey added that he appealed to Donald Trump and representatives of other countries with a request to stop US military support for Kurdish forces, but no one did. Erdogan noted that Turkey will not back down now.
“We use our rights arising from international law, we came here to cleanse [this territory] from terror,” the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry explained.
He also recalled that the YPGs have “powerful and heavy” American weapons, as reported by the Turkish military and intelligence services.
EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini called on Ankara to stop the bombing in the region. On Thursday, October 10, five European countries that are members of the UN Security Council called on Ankara to stop the operation in northeastern Syria, indicating that this approach will not solve Turkey’s security problems.
his was after closed consultations in the UN Security Council on the situation in the north of Syria, said the Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN, Jurgen Schulz. He spoke on behalf of Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and France, which also supported the statement of Estonia, reports "News".
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone conversation with Erdogan, called on Turkish partners to carefully weigh the situation so as not to harm the overall efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis.
At the same time, both politicians noted the importance of ensuring the unity and territorial integrity of Syria, respect for its sovereignty. In addition, the President of Russia discussed with the permanent members of the Security Council the situation in Syria in connection with the aggravation of the situation in the north-east of this country.

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