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“Absurd Wars”: Trump decided to withdraw troops from Syria

Once again, the USA declared the need to contain Russia in the Black Sea region. This time, the initiative belongs to experts from the government think tank. The US has developed a plan to “contain” Russia in the Black Sea

“Absurd Wars”: Trump decided to withdraw troops from Syria

US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw American troops from Syria, calling the fighting there "ridiculous endless wars." He laid the responsibility for the fight against the militants on the remaining countries there. Prior to this, Trump spoke about the withdrawal of troops from Syria in December last year, but in the end, it turned out that some of them remained in the SAR.

US President Donald Trump said it’s time for the United States to “get out of the ridiculous endless wars” in Syria and bring its military back home.
Once again, he recalled that American troops were supposed to be there for only 30 days. Washington had such a plan “many years ago.”

“Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds must now deal with this situation and decide for themselves what they want to do with captured IS fighters (the Islamic State terrorist group banned in Russia. -“ Gazeta.Ru ”) <...>. We are 7 thousand miles away and will defeat the IS again if they come somewhere close to us, ”Trump warned
The American leader recalled that Washington supported significant Kurdish formations that opposed ISIS. “The Kurds fought with us, but they were paid huge sums of money and [provided] equipment to do this,” the US president wrote.
Earlier, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States began to withdraw its troops from the Syrian territories in the north-east of the country. There Ankara plans to conduct an operation to create a security zone.
According to the President of Turkey, the American side began to withdraw troops after his talks with Donald Trump, which took place on the evening of October 6. “The process of troop withdrawal has begun, as Mr President promised,” Erdogan noted.
In a speech to the functionaries of the Justice and Development Party on October 5, he said that Turkey could begin a military operation in northern Syria in the coming days. “We carried out the preparation, carried out action plans, gave the necessary instructions. Maybe today or tomorrow we will make such a decision, we will conduct this operation both on land and from the air, ”said the Turkish leader.
The goal of the operation, he said, was to clear the territory of Syria bordering Turkey on the self-defence forces of the Syrian Kurds and create a security zone there.
At the same time, Washington refused to support such an idea, said a statement by White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

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They also noted that the US Armed Forces will not be located near the site of the operation.
Trump ordered the start of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria in December last year. The agency Reuters, citing sources in the administration clarified that this order means the termination and the air campaign. According to him, airstrikes on the Islamic State terrorist group were discontinued.
Reuters believes that the US air campaign played a decisive role in countering ISIS in Iraq and Syria. According to the US Air Force, over the period in which it was conducted, over 100,000 bombs and shells were fired at targets in these countries.
Six months later, the then-candidate for the Pentagon’s head, Mark Esper, specified that US troops would remain in Syria as part of a multinational force “to continue the campaign against ISIS.” “In the interests of operational security, I will not discuss the number of military or deadlines,” he said.
The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, after this statement, drew attention to the fact that, against the background of the withdrawal of its troops from Syria, the United States is increasing the number of employees of private military companies (PMCs) there. She clarified that these PMCs operate in the northern and northeastern regions of the country.
According to her, in Syria on July 17 there were more than 4 thousand employees of such companies.
“At the same time, it is noted that in the second half of June alone, 540 people arrived in the country, including 70 representatives of command and instructor staff. The transfer of mercenaries is carried out on cars in groups of 12-16 people, ”she said.
Zakharova called the main tasks of the US PMC in Syria the training of military units loyal to Washington, the protection of oil and gas infrastructure and security.
“Probably, it would not be worthwhile to pay attention separately, if not for one thing: the management of PMCs is carried out by the United Central Command of the US Armed Forces,” she drew attention.
In addition, as Zakharova reminded, American mercenaries will be in Syria illegally.
The United States and its allies have been conducting an operation against the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and Iraq since 2014. However, their actions in the SAR are not coordinated with the official authorities.

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