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Additional forces: Russia is transferring troops to Syria

As part of a joint Russian-Syrian patrol of the northern territories of Syria, Russia will transfer more military equipment and personnel there, media reported. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke about this possibility. At the moment, the Russian military police and Syrian troops are monitoring the withdrawal of Kurdish military forces outside the 30-km zone from the borders with Turkey. Moscow and Ankara agreed on this on October 22.

Additional forces: Russia is transferring troops to Syria

A week later, another 276 Russian military police and 33 pieces of equipment will be transferred to Syria, a source in the Ministry of Defense told RIA Novosti. At the same time, he clarified that at the moment there are no real military operations in the Arab Republic.

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The fact that Russia can send another infantry battalion to the SAR and is going to transfer additional light armoured vehicles there, earlier, with reference to a source in the Russian defense department, the Vedomosti newspaper reported.
The publication specified that in this way it is planned to strengthen the Russian military police operating in the north-east of Syria.

According to the source, the additional equipment that will be sent to the Russian troops will include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). At the same time, he noted that the personnel of the military police at the moment is enough to patrol. However, he admitted that "nothing prevents, if necessary, from sending another battalion to Syria."
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also noted that patrolling the Syrian territory under the new agreements of the Russian Federation and Turkey will require the involvement of additional forces and equipment. “With regard to additional forces, we naturally believe that we cannot say this right away, but [it is obvious] that additional equipment will be needed for patrolling, nevertheless the border is quite long, and patrolling should be serious and thorough, so that we will not allow any serious incidents, especially since patrolling will be joint, ”the minister emphasized.
He specified that in some territories the use of additional forces would not be required. The head of the department left unanswered the question of how many people of personnel Moscow will attract to carry out the planned operation.
The Russian military police, together with the Syrian troops, were supposed to begin patrolling the northern territories of the Arab Republic at 12:00 on October 23 (Moscow time), but the Russian side announced the start of this process near Manbij already at 5:00.
Their task is to facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish self-defence units 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border. This should happen within 150 hours.
Such an agreement was reached during the talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 22. Following the dialogue, the parties signed a memorandum according to which Turkey stopped the military operation "Source of Peace" in northeast Syria, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He specified that the further development of events will depend on the quality of the implementation of the agreements, including the withdrawal of weapons, as well as the forces and means of the Kurdish units.
Igor Seritsky, a representative of the command of the Russian grouping of forces in Syria, said on October 24 that the military police in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Ain al-Arab (the Kurdish name is Kobani) occupied a dominant height two kilometres from the territory of Turkey. “The base is located at the frontier post. <...> Both the border itself and the surroundings of the city are clearly visible from it, ”he said.
The fort is equipped with a communications tower, from where Russian military police, together with Syrian border guards, control the withdrawal of Kurdish self-defence units and their weapons, Seritsky said.
Putin and Erdogan agreed that after the Kurds withdraw their self-defence units from the Syrian-Turkish border, Russian-Turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols. This operation will relate to territories to the west and east of the “Source of Peace” region, except for the city of Kamyshly.
During the meeting, the heads of state discussed the situation in Syria in the context of the launch by Turkey on October 9 of a military operation against Kurds in the Arab Republic. Ankara considers its military units to be terrorist. In the framework of the operation, called the “Source of Peace”, it was planned to create a “security zone” where the Turkish side could resettle refugees from the SAR.
The Turkish President at the talks explained to the Russian counterpart the tasks of these actions of the army of his country.
The President of Russia at a press conference stressed that Moscow is sympathetic to the steps of Turkey.

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