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Another hot spot: where will a US soldier be sent from Syria

About 1,000 US troops will be transferred from Syria to western Iraq, Pentagon chief Mark Esper said. According to him, there the military will continue operations against terrorists and "help protect the country."

Another hot spot: where will a US soldier be sent from Syria

“The withdrawal of [troops] from northeastern Syria is proceeding at a fast pace, we are talking about weeks, not days. Now the action plan is reduced to the transfer of forces to western Iraq, ”said Esper.

On October 14, the US Secretary of Defense confessed in an interview with Fox News that US troops in Syria were trapped. According to Esper, the United States was in a difficult situation due to the fact that Washington is simultaneously an ally of both the Kurds and Turkey.

“American troops were trapped between the Syrian army moving north to repulse the Turkish army, which is moving south,” the Pentagon chief explained. According to Esper, Washington "did not sign up" to fight with Turkey, protecting the Kurds. He also emphasized that US forces in the region are clearly not enough to stop the Turkish offensive.
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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), by agreement with the Kurds, advanced to the city of Manbij in northern Syria to take control of it in the light of the Turkish army's attack on the positions of Kurdish armed forces. On October 15, a convoy of SAA vehicles crossed the road with the US military retreating from Manbij.

Three armoured cars in a sand-coloured colouring with waving star-striped flags drove past the Syrian military, without slowing down.
The day before, US President Donald Trump announced that he "basically" pulled the US military out of Syria.
“The troops were withdrawn - mainly - after a one-hundred-per cent victory over the Islamic State (the organization is banned in Russia). If someone wants to take up the defence of the Kurds - it’s good for their health, whether it be Russia, China, or even Napoleon Bonaparte himself, ”wrote the American leader on Twitter. Trump added that he is not opposed to protecting the Kurds by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom he previously called the "gas-killing monster."
On October 19, Russian journalists visited the American military base of combat aircraft controllers in Mansbridge. The US military managed to take out weapons, ammunition and evacuate equipment, leaving communications towers and other infrastructure in working condition.
On one of the walls, the Americans painted a bald eagle and signed graffiti: “America is watching. Always watching. ”
The civil war in Syria began in 2011, the main conflict broke out between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and armed groups, which the coalition countries led by the United States call moderate opposition. In addition, terrorists of the Islamic State, which killed thousands of civilians and the military, have intensified their activity in Syria.
In 2014, without the consent of Damascus and UN approval, military intervention in Syria by the United States and its allies - Germany, Britain and France. American troops in the region carry out their operation against the Islamic State and support the "moderate" opposition, including the Syrian Kurds, demanding a change of power in Syria.
Just a year ago, on September 2018, Fox News, citing sources in the Pentagon, reported that the United States sent an additional military contingent to the outpost of At-Tanf in southeastern Syria - about 100-foot soldiers.
As noted, the strengthening of US military positions in the region was associated with Russian statements about the preparation of a strike on militants in the area.
“The US is not looking for a confrontation with Russia, the Syrian government, or any other group that can provide support to Syria in the civil war,” Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Central Command, quoted as saying.
American troops in Syria were marked by a series of controversial actions, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Damascus accused the United States of indulging ISIS terrorists and preparing militants to fight the country's legitimate government. In addition, the US military aircraft in February 2018 killed several dozen Russian citizens - according to unofficial data, employees of the so-called private military company Wagner.
The battle took place near an oil field near Hasham. During the three-hour battle, the Americans used B-52 bombers, MQ-9 drones, AC-130 fire support aircraft, AH-64 Apache helicopters, and F-15e fighter-bombers.
The Russian authorities for the first time recognized the possible death of five Russians only 8 days after the battle, on February 15. It was then that at a traditional briefing, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said: "According to preliminary data, five Russians could have died as a result of a strike by US forces in Syria, but their citizenship remains to be confirmed."
According to Pentagon estimates, about 100 people, a lot of tanks and artillery pieces were destroyed as a result of the strikes. According to media reports and unofficial Syrian sources, 10 to 20 Russians died.
On February 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry recognized the presence of dozens of wounded Russians. “Russian citizens are in Syria who went there of their own free will and for different purposes,” the ministry said. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry noted once again that the Russian military did not participate in the “recent clash” and did not use regular technical means.

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