Arsenal - Crystal Palace 2: 2 England

Arsenal in their field receives Crystal Palace in the match of the 10th round of the English Premier League (Premier League).

Arsenal - Crystal Palace 2: 2 England Premier League

Catch up with the leaders: “Palace” equalized the score in the match with “Arsenal”

Arsenal - Crystal Palace 2: 2
'90 +4
Hodgson made another replacement. Instead of Cuyate, McCarthy appeared on the field of the Emirates Stadium.
'90 +3
The Arsenal’s mentor requires their players to move to someone else’s half of the field, but once again the “gunners” lose the ball in the middle of the field.
'90 +2
Zaa passes the pass to Benteke, who falls on the left flank after the push of the Arsenal player.
The referee adds five minutes to the main time!
David Louis delivers a dangerous shot on goal, but Hennessy puts the ball on a corner. While the bulk is not succeeding, the wards of Unai Emery.
He is actively fighting in the Arsenal box, but they still have not managed to score.
After the video review, the judge decided not to count the goal, as Chambers violated the rules.
GOOOAAAAAAL! Still, Arsenal scores!

Substitution prepares Hodgson. Christian Benteke will appear on the field instead of Jordan Ayu. The latter is very unhappy that he has to be replaced.
The final assault on the Hennessey gate begins! A huge number of crosses forced to remove the central defenders of the "eagles".
Substitutions made by the mentor of Arsenal are not yet useful. “Crystal Palace” plays on the account and does not allow the “Gunners” close to his own penalty box.
Instead of Tierney, Kolasinac appeared on the field.
The team in possession of the ball more often is Unai Emery - 54% versus 46%.
In a hurry Obameyang, Arsenal goes on to a positional attack.
The most dangerous free-kick earned "gunners". Nicolas Pepe came up to the ball and shot above the wall. And above the gate too.
Arsenal has some incredible number of corners today! Dangerously beat in the near corner of Lyakazet, Hennessy plays reliably.
Unai Emery's team is attacking through the right flank, Genduzi is very active.
A crazy moment had Chambers! Turned around two in the penalty area and shot a little higher.
Instead of Granite Jaki, Bukayo Saka entered the field.
The Gunners increased pressure on the Crystal Palace.
Nicolas Pepe tried to beat two defenders on the right flank, the submission from the Frenchman did not work.
David Louis broke the rules on Jordan Ayyu, the judge does not show the card.
GOOOAAAAAAAAL! Crystal Palace compares the score! The arsenal got carried away by a counterattack, and after submitting Jordan Ayu to the counter, the goalkeeper hits his head! 2: 2.
Colum Chambers received yellow for breaking the rules in midfield.
A corner at the gate “Gunners”. Leno is in place!
Atkinson appoints another free-kick towards the goal of Leno.
Milivoevich unsuccessfully executed a free-kick and “Palace” received a dangerous counterattack on his own goal. Obameyang failed to give an accurate pass into the box.
Started the second half!
Unai Emery's team kicked off the match, scoring two goals in two minutes. The team led by Roy Hodgson managed to level the game and realize a penalty in the 31st minute.
'45 +3
The first half ended. Arsenal - Crystal Palace - 2: 1. Break!
'45 +1
Atkinson added three minutes to the first half.
The next flank of the Arsenal attack rolled out on the left flank, but it was not possible to bring the ball to the addressee.
“Gunners” slowed down the pace, this is in the hands of Roy Hodgson's wards.
Already the seventh corner gives the team Unai Emery. Lacazette did not reach the ball, no goal.
Arsenal earned a corner. After the filing of Dani Ceballos, the ball was taken out by the Palace defenders.
Ceballos got the ball in the box and nearly threw the goalkeeper!
Zaa in the middle of the field on the courage tried to beat two, it did not work.
GOOOOOOOOOL ! Exact strike from the penalty spot inflicted Milivojevic. 2: 1!
The mustard plaster is cancelled! Penalty kick at Arsenal!
Zaha receives a yellow card for the simulation.
Alternately, the teams own the ball, “Gunners” it is much better
Jaca broke the rules during a dangerous attack. The Swiss waves his hands, showing obvious discontent.
Again a corner at the gates of Roy Hodgson's team. Pepe hung, Ward took the ball out of the box.
The game at the Emirates calmed down, rare canopies from the Crystal Palace reliably catches Leno
Sokratis Papastatopoulos competently plays on the right flank and does not allow attacking players of the Palace to pass themselves
“Eagles” got the ball under their control, but the game in attack does not work. Football players are forced to play combinations through central defenders.
“Palace” played a corner on the left flank, the pitch failed - Genduzi delivered the ball.
Another attack from the Arsenal, Genduzi hung in the penalty area and Lacazette struck into the corner of the goal.
Another goal from “Arsenal!” Pepe filed another corner, threw the ball into the centre of Lacazette with his head and he struck point blank - 2: 0!
GOOOOOOL! “Arsenal” played a corner, the defense of “Crystal Palace” could not make the ball. Jaca struck the crowd, where Socrates picked up the ball and shot into the near corner.
Nicolas Pepe pressed the opponent in and filed a corner.
James McCarter delivered a dangerous shot from outside the box, the goalkeeper in place.
Unai Emery's team took control of the match.
The match has begun!
Introducing the Crystal Palace starting lineup: Hennessy, Ward, Tomkins, Cahill, Van Anholt, Kouyate, Milivoevich, MacArthur, Townsend, Zaha, Ayu
The match will begin at 19.30 Moscow time.
Good evening, dear football fans! Welcome to the online text translation of the match of the 10th round of the championship of England “Arsenal” - “Crystal Palace”

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