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Asim Omar: Al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan

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Afghan intelligence agency NDS (National Directorate of Security) confirmed the killing of Asim Omar, the head of AQIS 'branch of al-Qaeda's extremist organization. Asim Omar: Al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan

Asim Omar: Al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan

Photo copyright@NDSAFGHANISTAN
Image captionAfghan intelligence agency NDS shares this photo with their statement, according to Asim Omar

on Tuesday evening, saying he had six colleagues in September. Was killed in an airstrike in Musa Qala district of Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Asim Omar, 46, was killed September 23 in a joint operation by US and Afghan security forces, according to the Afghan Intelligence Agency.
Although the Afghan intelligence agency says that Asim Omar was a Pakistani, according to some reports he was born in India and came to Pakistan in the late nineties.
According to an Afghan intelligence agency statement, "Pakistani nationals were killed along with six other comrades, most of them Pakistani, including Rehman, who was linked to Asim Omar and al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri." They were all present at a Taliban compound in Musa Qala. '
The Afghan intelligence agency earlier confirmed in December 2017 that Asim Omar's deputy Omar was killed along with 27 colleagues.
In a statement issued by Afghan Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, denying Asim Omar's death, it said: "there is no authenticity". The spokesman claimed that 'civilians were killed in this operation'.

Asim Omar: Al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan
News of the killing of Asim Omar, the head of the Branch for South Asia by the extremist organization, is surfacing at a time when US-Taliban talks have been ongoing for nearly eleven months in Doha. The tweets were later finished without any results.

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One of the prerequisites for the Taliban in these negotiations with the United States was that they would terminate relations with al-Qaeda and not allow the Afghan soil to be used against the United States and their allies.
However, according to some sources, the Taliban negotiating team in Doha had assured the United States that they no longer had contacts with al-Qaeda. However, Afghan officials have long been claiming that "Al-Qaeda and the Taliban still have no contacts, but al-Qaeda fighters are fighting against US and Afghan forces in the Taliban ranks."

Photo copyright@NDSAFGHANISTAN

Who was Asim Omar?

In September 2014, when Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri announced the new al-Qaeda branch for South Asia through a video message, Asim Omar was appointed ahead of the organization.
According to Taliban sources, Asim Omar, 46, studied at Akora Khattak, a madrassa in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and some religious seminaries in Karachi. He was a member of Al-Jihad-ul-Islam before Al-Qaeda, and Asim Omar later joined Al-Qaeda because of contacts with the group's al-Qaeda.
According to sources, Asim Omar was close to Al-Qaeda's founding chief Osama bin Laden and has worked with him.

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