Burnley - Chelsea 2: 4 Chelsea smashes Burnley.

The London Chelsea, which rose to fourth place in the championship of England, is visiting the match for the 10th round at Burnley.

 Burnley - Chelsea 1: 4 Chelsea smashes Burnley.
9:30 p.m.
By the way, for Frank Lampard's wards, this victory was the seventh consecutive in all tournaments.
Recall once again, Christian Pulisic scored a hat-trick in this meeting, and Willian recorded another goal at Chelsea. Burnley, who scored his goals in the last five minutes of regular time, scored Jay Rodriguez and Dwight McNeill.
The final whistle sounds and this incredible fiery match ends! 4: 2 - the victory of Chelsea.
90 + 3
The players of the London club are trying to waste time, and it is understandable.
90 + 2
Brady receives a yellow card for a foul on Gira.
90 + 1
The referee adds four minutes. And the Burnley players have a second wind. But they are unlikely to be able to play these two goals.

GOOOAAAL !! What Burnley does, they score the second goal! Honour and praise to the hosts for not abandoning the game after four goals in their goal. McNeill scores!
Madam Luck, of course, today plays on the side of Lampard's wards. Better, more precisely, Chelsea is playing today.
GOOOAAAAAL !! “Burnley” scores a prestige ball ”Rodriguez plays one goal, about twenty-five yards a player kissed and he struck Kepu!
Replacing the Burnley. Brady came out, he will finish the match, Hendrick leaves.
The hosts are desperately defending themselves, trying to prevent the fifth ball in their goal. But both teams got tired.
Burnley, it seems, is no longer even trying to do anything dangerous in the attack, although players are trying to get to the goal.
The game calmed down a bit, the pace slowed down, although Chelsea continued to put pressure, even somehow gracefully, positionally. A dangerous moment was at Giroud, who missed a little past the gate.
Oops! There is no penalty, but Hudson-Udoi, who fell in the penalty area, receives a yellow card for the simulation. Although the referee’s strange decision was punished, because the Chelsea player did not ask for a penalty, but could fall by inertia. Strange, of course.
A controversial moment arises in the penalty “Burnley”. The judge asks his assistant for help, they cannot decide yet whether there is a penalty or not.
The penalty at the Burnley goal was played by Chelsea players. The ball hits the wall after a strike from Mount. In the last minutes, the Burnley throws all its forces into defence.
Willian leaves the field, Hudson-Udoi will finish this meeting. Chelsea used all three substitutions.
It seems. the main question of the remaining 20 minutes is whether Burnley will be able to score the prestige ball by realizing any of his moments?
Players of both teams felt the adrenaline. The game went very nervous, at high speeds, and yellow cards rained down. But another replacement arrived, Abraham left, and Olivier Giraud finished the match.
And one more yellow card. This time Peters was punished, he played tough against James. A dangerous penalty has been assigned next to the Burnley goal.
Hendrick breaks the rules, Hendrick deservedly gets a yellow card. And almost does not argue.
What is it! Luck does not play on the side of the “Burnley”, a few dangerous shots were delivered on goal by the home players, but alas - a shot from the goal.
Alonso leaves the field, and James goes to Chelsea. Burnley also has a replacement - an Otter appears on the field, and Barnes leaves.
Almost one on one goes Rodriguez with Kepa. but catches up and, risking very much, in the tackle knocks the ball Tomori. But one hundred per cent scoring chances.
Burnley started the second half more actively, it seemed that the hosts were very close to the goal, but instead, two goals in three minutes flew into their goal.
GOOOOOO !! The fourth ball flies into the Burnley goal! Willian makes the score completely devastating! With the transfer of Abraham, Pope is struck by a Chelsea player.
GOOOAAAAAAL !! Hat trick makes Pulisic! Incredibly, an amazing game is played by an American player!
Wow, what a hot game went now! Burnley attacks, throwing all his strength at it, but Chelsea have a very well-functioning game, Lampard's wards are not mistaken.
Willian gets yellow, he breaks the rules at the time of McNeill's attack. The first yellow card in this match.
Rodriguez delivers the strongest shot on goal on accuracy and lands in Cepu.
Cork will play great, there was no offside, and Barnes misses the ball. So insulting!
From the first minutes of the second half, “Burnley” rushes into the attack, they tested the strength of the defenders of “Chelsea” and goalkeeper Kepu.
The second half, let's go!
And here is the whistle for a break! We leave for him with a score of 2: 0 in favour of Chelsea. Both goals were scored by Christian Pulisic, who skillfully used Burnley defence errors. But you have to admit that the hosts had wonderful passages and very dangerous moments when the team could score.
45 + 1
One minute was added to the first half, and nothing happened during that time.
GOOOOOOOOOL! Pulisic makes a double! After a “Burnley” mistake, the player of the American team hits the goal, there was a small rebound, but the ball was in the goal!
Willian shots on goal, the goalkeeper easily picks up the ball for himself. But a shot on target will count towards statistics, of course.
Thoroughly, the Chelsea players are slowly preparing the attack, as if luring the opponents into their half of the field, but nothing comes of it. The game is active, even equal.
The players of the London club are trying to come up with something in the opponent's penalty box, but it does not reach a dangerous blow. But it is worth saying that a very equal game is on. And here Abraham strikes on goal, almost hits the target.
Chelsea pushed the game to the goal of Burnley, but the hosts have a very vicious defence. Pulisic could break through on goal but cover him.
Barnes shoots at goal, but much higher. Although in fairness, it’s worth saying that Tomori was blocking it, it was better to hit better anyway.
Well, here is a little luck and the last blow of the Burnley! It could be dangerous after a free-kick, however, offside, and Kepa shoots. Meanwhile, possession of 59 by 41 is in favour of Burnley.
Burnley earns a dangerous free-kick, and football players play it very well. Barnes delivers a very dangerous blow but misses. Damn insulting blunder!
Peters hangs on, but there is no Burnley to close this potentially dangerous broadcast. Kepa comes into play and takes the ball.
In the last few minutes, “Burnley” made some good attacks, with difficulty “Chelsea” pushed the game away from their gates.
Chelsea players relaxed a bit after a goal scored. Peters shoots for power on goal, and Kep rescues his team. Fantastic save!
It is noteworthy that for Chelsea this goal was the first shot on target in 20 minutes of the game. Then immediately Burnley flies off in a counterattack. Burnley played a corner, and it was very dangerous! They could equalize, but Chelsea players make the ball.
GOOOOOOL! Christian Pulisic opens the score in this match! Chelsea players played everything clearly, did not meet any serious obstacles on the way to the goal.
Burnley has passages to Chelsea's goal, but the last shot is missing from the players, they stumble over the defence. But there was a very good shot on goal, as if to Kepu.
Chelsea in the last few minutes very confidently controls the ball in half of the opponent's field. The usual, by the way, tactics for Burnley is to give the ball to the team that plays the first number.
Eh, Mount too slow with the blow after the transfer of Pulisic. But the Chelsea player was in the lethal position, it could have been dangerous.
The first corner earns Burnley in this match. McNeil is coming. Zuma is ahead of the curve and knocks the ball into another corner.
Burnley presses not bad upstairs; the players on the second floor play very strongly.
After a failed Burnley pass, Chelsea is trying to counter-attack, but nothing dangerous. Zuma, by the way, on the field, everything is in order with him.
A very unpleasant moment ... Zuma crashes into a billboard after a game moment, he needs the help of doctors.
Chelsea controls the ball, for the most part, the game takes place in half of the Burnley field.
Pulisic plays with Kovacic in the penalty area, the ball goes to Mount, and then Willian hits from a distance, but much higher than the goal.
The game begins calmly. Jorginho made a transfer to Mount in the middle of the field, but the attack never developed.
The starting whistle sounds, let's go!
The teams have already entered the field, very soon the starting whistle will sound.
But these players will enter the field from the first minutes at Chelsea.
The match will begin at 19.30 Moscow time.
In the match of the 10th round of the English Premier League, “Burnley” takes on their home field London “Chelsea”. Together with you, Zhanna Odnozerkina will follow the game.

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